Can beginners use Shopify?

September 11, 2022

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Millions of people in the world have given up on creating their own online ventures, for the simple reason of not knowing how to program. Not everyone has the technical skills to face the challenge of creating e-commerce from scratch, and this was a need that Tobias Lütke understood well when he decided to create Shopify, the largest e-commerce platform in the world.


He himself, at the beginning of the 2000s, also found himself faced with the challenge of creating his own e-commerce, when this type of commerce was not even popularized. Lütke was fortunate to have at his disposal programmers who knew how to create his virtual ski board store, but he asked himself the following: And how do those who do not have this opportunity at hand do it? This was the main motivation for later founding Shopify.


What is Shopify?


It is an electronic commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs and businessmen in general to create an e-commerce easily and intuitively, based on templates and without the need for programming. The entrepreneur can completely customize his e-commerce on this platform, adapting it to the needs of his business.


“The interface is very flexible and the store construction process is very intuitive and efficient, based on templates. You would simply have to choose a theme and customize it with your brand colors, products, photos, text and much more”, said the Shopify team in a video posted on their channel.


Shopify does much more for your business than just providing an e-commerce platform: on its website, it also offers training material for entrepreneurs to learn how to power their e-commerce with integrated marketing automation and SEO features.


Shopify stores have a very powerful competitive advantage and that is their robust payment gateway: it offers options to pay with different credit cards but also offers options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Shopify also accepts payments from PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and more.




So… Can Shopify be used by beginners?


Yes, totally. That is precisely the main desire of the creators of Shopify: to help entrepreneurs to have their first e-commerce without suffering in the process. “Shopify is very useful for brands that only want to sell online. This could be brands that start from scratch, but then scale their businesses, although they do so only digitally”, explains the company in this talk.


Although if, over time, your business grows and you want to create a physical store, Shopify can also help you in this process with its Shopify POS platform. If your process is the other way around, that is, you already have a physical business and want to complement it with an online store, it is also possible.


The omnichannel offered by Shopify is very valuable since, whether you sell your products from a website, a blog or through social networks, this platform will always provide you with an option to market your products and services.




What audience or market is Shopify targeting?


Shopify is a space where brands or creators can market their products without intermediaries and with a global reach. And there are no limitations in terms of area or industry, since this e-commerce platform is well suited whether you are a painter, photographer, sculptor or designer who wants to market his works, for example.


It is an ecosystem in which artisans can also market their works, people who do any kind of crafts. And, of course, it is a system that offers all the necessary functionalities for traditional businesses such as those focused on restaurants, hairdressers, gyms. It is also an ideal space for those who do not offer products but services, such as consultancies, marketing services, copywriting, among others.


One aspect that is worth noting is that Shopify is aimed at all kinds of companies and ventures. Be it new, small or a large and experienced company. Shopify is dedicated to segment of all kinds, regardless of the size of billing.




Hiring a Shopify developer is the best decision if you are determined to create your first e-commerce, since they will know how to respond to all your concerns and have the necessary tools to work on this platform.


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