Can UiPath be used for test automation?

December 09, 2022

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The time is gold. And as gold that it is, all companies seek to make the most of it, trying to digitize many processes and automate others, to empower work teams and increase productivity. In this field, UiPath has become a tool that is being increasingly valued by companies today.


UiPath's motto is "We create robots so that life is not robotized" and they are just that: this company creates automation solutions so that businesses can, at the same time, automate the processes they need and thus make more efficient and intelligent use of their time. RPA technology is completely transforming workflows and the end-user experience.


Table of Contents

  • How does UiPath work?
  • Test automation with RPA: Is it possible?
  • Benefits of test automation with UiPath


How does UiPath work?


The basic steps to start working with UiPath are as follows:


  • Identify the idea you want to develop with RPA and plan the implementation.
  • Define and design the workflows you want to automate, from the simplest to the most complex.
  • Implement and manage automation.
  • The moment of execution has arrived, when the robots will begin to work on the automation of the flows.
  • These robots will always be supervised by a human, being a joint effort.
  • RPA operations are analyzed, and results and the impact on the business are reviewed.




Test automation with RPA: Is it possible?


Of course. UiPath makes its Test Suite available, which allows you to automate and centralize all the tests you need to run, thus guaranteeing the quality of each application before it is activated.


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"Regardless of testing RPA workflows, web applications, SAP or mobile applications, Studio Pro offers support, through its drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of preconfigured activities", they explain in the documentation for UiPath on its UiPath Studio Pro platform.




Likewise, you can manage your tests with UiPath Test Manager, which “streamlines end-to-end test planning, requirements traceability, and defect notification. It is simple to use and integrates with Atlassian Jira software”, they added in the same publication.


When running tests themselves, you can do so with UiPath Orchestrator, which allows you to manage test bots through an automation management dashboard.




Benefits of test automation with UiPath


  • You will be able to generate tests directly from your RPA workflows, UiPath commented in its documentation.
  • Enable faster bot development with tester automations.
  • You will get test results quickly.
  • You will have access to a centralized library of automations.
  • By using RPA developers code, you will be able to create tests faster.
  • In the UiPath platform you will be able to automate the tests of any software or application, old or new.




The characteristics that should define any test automation platform should be flexibility, compatibility and high performance, and these are things that UiPath offers to companies, which is why it becomes one of the best options.


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