Chatbots price: how much should you invest to create one

August 15, 2022

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Staying in constant contact with customers or users is essential for the proper functioning of any company in the current era. A tool that allows knowing in real time the needs and concerns of customers is a chatbot. This technology is ideal for ensuring that user requests and questions are answered immediately.


In the specialized portal HubSpot they define it as follows “An AI chatbot is a program within a website or application that simulates human conversations using PLN (natural language processing). Chatbots are programmed to address user needs independently of a human operator. Common functions of chatbots include answering frequently asked questions and helping users navigate the website or app.


A chatbot, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, can detect the customer's intentions behind each request, provide a full conversation history to help the company's marketing and data management, and also respond to customer requests. the questions as if it were a human doing it.


How much should be invested in a chatbot


The creation of a chatbot for the website of a company or person is done by a developer or with the help of a software agency, who have a team of suitable experts to solve these types of problems or demands.


The time it takes to develop this tool is relative to the problem presented by the company and what they want the chatbot to cover in terms of questions and response sensitivity. Chatbot Magazine, a portal specialized in the tool, comments "The time needed to create a conversational bot for your company can range from a few hours to a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project or the function you want to automate and the option you choose to create a bot. The size of the company also matters. Smaller companies would not like to invest too much time and money to build a chatbot.”


When talking about the cost of developing a chatbot, it will depend on the type of tool the company wants. There are main types of chatbots: the simple ones based on buttons or the more advanced ones with artificial intelligence technology.


The button-based chatbot costs less to develop, two to three times less than the tool powered by artificial intelligence and integrated natural language processing. The AI-powered chatbot can cost between $10,000 and $150,000, while the button-based one would cost between $5,000 and $75,000.




The benefits for your company of a customer service chatbot

Here are the immediate benefits of having a chatbot for initial customer support:


Speed in response


Currently, the main form of interaction with customers or users is through a chat. A chatbot tool will allow your company to offer a quick response, without having to make the client wait for a worker or collaborator who can attend the chat, without neglecting the other messages.


A virtual assistant brings efficiency to all departments. Customer service chatbots are designed to answer any question in several languages, adapt to the needs of the company, and take less than a second to send the information that the customer requested.




There is some information about the company, its services, and products that can only be handled by its employees, right? With the right AI tools, a chatbot can provide all of this information.


In an optimal and fast way, the customer can obtain data such as invoice payments, order status, and available discounts or solve any problem they have about the products or services they purchased.


Self-service for a high number of customers


If we leave attention via chat or email in the hands of a company's employees, they have a fairly limited number of requests and conversations that they can attend to at the same time. A chatbot can be configured to serve hundreds or thousands of users at the same time without any problem.


Chatbots, by understanding the customer's intentions and through a natural language process, can attend to all requirements without leaving anyone waiting for a response to their request.


Customer service staff can focus on other issues


By having an effective chatbot tool that can attend to all the messages and requests that are made through the company's website or instant messaging applications, the human staff frees up several hours of their day so that they can focus on other tasks, such as strategies to improve customer service.


ai chatbot


What is an AI Chatbot?


A chatbot tool is among the most used by companies on their websites to maintain constant contact with their customers and users. This feeds on the information that the developer adds to it, in addition to using artificial intelligence elements to be able to respond to people's concerns.


But what is an artificial intelligence chatbot? In an article shared by the Giosg portal, they explain "AI chatbots are software programs that understand spoken or written human language based on natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.


"This means that an AI chatbot can detect the intent of a query that a user enters and provide the best response it deems appropriate. Machine learning is also an important aspect of AI chatbots as it allows AI chatbots to learn and improve more or less according to the experience".




Differences between conventional chatbots and artificial intelligence chatbots


The main difference between these two types of chatbots is that the one based on artificial intelligence allows the user to keep the pace of the conversation as if he were talking to another person, while the conventional chatbot has predetermined questions and answers, which never strays.


In detail, these are the differences:


Conversational AI chatbots:

  • Natural language processing
  • Machine (deep) learning
  • Learn from collected data over time
  • Respond in complete sentences
  • Allow users to type responses freely


Rule-based chatbot:

  • Operates by pre-programmed commands
  • Doesn't need large data set to output a response
  • Users can only input what the chatbot allows them to
  • Doesn't adapt over time without human intervention


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