Consequences of not following a software development cycle

November 22, 2022

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software development


When a software project is being designed and created, whether it is a mobile application or a website, a structure must be followed so that everything is successful and the requirements of the clients are met, in addition to satisfying the needs of the users. 


A software agency or any development company has a software development life cycle guide that they follow to the letter so that they can achieve the goal and thus the client can soon make use of their application or technological project.


Table of Contents:


  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Consequences of not following the software development life cycle


software development


Software development cycle


Every software development company or independent developer must follow a software development guide so that the project can be carried out well, within the established time and all the client's demands are met in terms of design, functions, tools, interface and everything. what makes it up.


In summary, the software development life cycle is accomplished as follows:


Planning and design


In this initial stage, the project developer must meet periodically with the client to gather all the information about the project: needs, type of application or website, functions, tools that must be integrated, type of audience to which it is directed and other details. 


After having a clear plan of what is going to be created, the design stage begins, where the developer meets with the UI/UX designer and they begin to create the user interface and system, as well as other aspects necessary to be able to give the next step.


Code writing and testing


When the design and what is sought for the application is outlined, the software developer begins with the writing of the code, making sure that it is clear, easy to understand and functional. Once all the code is written, the project will be tested to make sure it works correctly and correct any errors that arise.


After doing the test, the extra modules and tools that the technological project needs for its correct operation must be integrated.


Maintenance and update


After the project is built and released for public use, the development team will keep an eye out for any bugs that come up and continue to work fine. In addition to this, it will always be updated to adapt to new technologies and devices that come on the market.


software development


Consequences of not following the software development life cycle


The software development life cycle guide is made so that the project can be ready on time, without errors and thus the client is satisfied with the result.


Failure to follow all the stages and simply start product development without a pre-established guide, this can lead to the project not being carried out properly, the completion time being extended to a point that is not viable for the client and this led to extra spending money.


In addition, the final project can be plagued with errors, leading it to not have the favoritism of the public and thus all the work done was forgotten and not worth it.


At Rootstack we follow a software development life cycle guide stage by stage, giving each one due attention so that your technological project can meet all your expectations and those of your users. Contact us to learn more about our international projects and we can work together.


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