Frequently asked questions about nearshore software development

July 18, 2023

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nearshore software development


Nearshore software development is a highly effective and profitable strategy to boost technological innovation in your company. This approach implies collaborating with development teams located in geographically close countries, but with competitive costs and highly qualified talent.


With this strategy, your company can take advantage of the experience and specialized technical knowledge of nearshore teams, while maintaining fluid communication and similar work schedules.


Nearshore software development offers numerous advantages for your company. First, it can significantly reduce operating costs compared to on-premises or in-house solutions. This will allow you to free up financial resources to invest in other key aspects of business growth.


nearshore software development


In addition, working with nearshore teams will give you the opportunity to access highly qualified and specialized talent, without the need to invest time and money in internal staff training.


Frequently asked questions about nearshore software development that we answer for you

It is understandable that some companies have doubts and apprehensions regarding nearshore software development service, it is natural to worry about data quality, communication and security when working with an external provider. However, it is essential to recognize that nearshore software development can be highly beneficial if these concerns are properly addressed.


In this article we will answer those most frequently asked questions for you, so that you can hire a better-informed nearshore software development company:


What aspects to evaluate when choosing a nearshore software development provider?

  • Evaluate the experience of the nearshore software development provider in the industry to which your company belongs.
  • This vendor must have the necessary skills and equipment to develop the software required by the business.
  • Your prices should be competitive, but make sure they are realistic and consistent with the nearshore software development service you are offering.
  • The nearshore software development company should offer a quality guarantee.
  • They must have good communication with the company that is hiring you.
  • It is important that the nearshore software development company is flexible and willing to adapt to the needs of the company.

nearshore software development


What are the challenges of nearshore software development?

  • If there are very marked language differences, or there is not a good command of English, which is the universal language, there may be difficulties in communication and collaboration between the development teams.
  • Different time zones can make it difficult to coordinate projects and meetings.
  • Companies can have a hard time trusting a software development team in a foreign country.


What are the steps for nearshore software development?

1. Gather the requirements: The first step is to gather the requirements for the software to be developed.

2. Select a provider: The next step is to select a nearshore software development provider.

3. Sign a contract: Next you have to sign a contract with the nearshore software development provider.

4. Develop the software: The nearshore software development provider develops the software according to the requirements stipulated at the beginning of the project.

5. Testing the software: The software is tested to ensure that it meets customer requirements and works properly.

6. Deploy the software: The software is deployed into production.

7. Support the software: The nearshore software development provider provides support for the software.


nearshore software development


How is the quality of the work carried out by a nearshore team guaranteed?

  • Set clear expectations about the scope of the project. This includes project requirements, deadlines, quality standards, and communication.
  • It is important to regularly test the work of the nearshore software development team to ensure that it meets requirements and quality standards.
  • You need to provide feedback to the nearshore development team on your work. This will help them improve their performance and meet your expectations.


What kind of projects are ideal for nearshore software development?

Web and mobile development

Web and mobile development is a great option for nearshore development as it is a highly repeatable process and can be easily broken down into smaller tasks. This makes it easy for nearshore teams to collaborate and deliver projects on time and on budget.


System integration

Systems integration is another ideal project for nearshore software development. This is because it requires a wide range of skills and experience, which can easily be found in nearshore teams.


Software maintenance and support

Software maintenance and support is an ongoing project that can be easily handled by a nearshore team. This is because nearshore teams are familiar with the latest technologies and have the experience to maintain and troubleshoot software.


nearshore software development


Cloud based application development

Cloud-based application development is a growing trend, and it is an ideal project for nearshore development. This is because nearshore teams are familiar with the latest cloud technologies and have the experience to develop and maintain cloud-based applications.


What is the most common geographic location for nearshore development teams?

The most common geographic location for nearshore development teams is Latin America for a number of factors:

  • There is geographic proximity to North America, making it convenient for companies based in the United States and Canada.
  • The cost of living in Latam is lower than in the United States and Canada, which makes it more affordable for companies to hire nearshore software development teams.
  • Nearshore software development teams in Latam have a solid reputation for quality, and are capable of delivering projects on time and on budget.


The countries with the greatest options for nearshore software development are:

- México
- Colombia
- Panamá
- Costa Rica
- República Dominicana
- Argentina
- Perú
- Chile
- Uruguay
- Brasil


nearshore software development


What security and data protection measures are applied in the development of nearshore software?

Some of the security and data protection measures that can be applied in nearshore software development include:

Use a VPN: A VPN encrypts your network traffic, making it more difficult for hackers to intercept your data.

Use a firewall: A firewall can block unauthorized access to systems.

Use a password management system: A password management system can help users create and store strong passwords.

Back up your data frequently: Backups can help protect your data if it is lost or stolen.

Train employees on security: Employees should be trained on the importance of security and how to protect data.


These questions are just some of the most frequently asked questions that may arise when considering nearshore software development. Each business and project may have specific requirements and needs, so it is essential to do proper research and contact potential vendors for detailed, personalized answers.


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