Problems you can solve when implementing nearshore software development

January 19, 2023

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desarrollo de software nearshore


Nearshore software development has become a very viable option for companies today since it allows them to delegate software development or the execution of specific tasks to remote resources or teams, but close to the country where the company is located. It is an outsourcing model in which the technology service provider is external, but they share similar time zones, cultures, and languages, making the workflow much more effortless.


One of the biggest attractions of nearshore software development is that thanks to this model, companies have access to software developers outside their borders. With this, they can increase the efficiency and productivity of their projects, thanks to the experience of these professionals abroad.


In addition, with nearshore software development, you can have more control of the budget, since you will only hire the resources for the time required to do specific tasks. You do not have any administrative commitment, nor do you have to pay payroll, since that is taken care of by the nearshore equipment provider.


Problems you can solve when implementing nearshore software development


When is the time to hire a nearshore software development provider? It is a question that many ask themselves when thinking about this possibility since perhaps they are not clear when the right opportunity to do so is.


desarrollo de software nearshore


In this article, you will mention several scenarios in which it is convenient and useful to hire nearshore software development services.


Developer deficit in your internal team


Today companies are forced to quickly adapt to market changes, as well as changing user demand. But many companies do not have the number of employees necessary to face these changes, falling into a developer deficit.


nearshore software development


This is an ideal scenario to hire a nearshore software development provider, as they will provide you with the developers and engineers you need for your particular project. The talent pool is vast, so you can find experts in almost any technology, programming language, or tool.


Recruitment difficulty


We know that the hiring of technological resources is becoming more complex, due to the high demand. It involves spending money and time on recruiting, interviewing, and testing. When you need to create a project fast, without delay, a nearshore software development team is able to quickly get involved in your project, focusing only on it until it is finished. A nearshore software provider has a large database of developers, so contracting through this modality will always be faster.


desarrollo de software nearshore


Slowness in the commercialization of products


If you see that your internal development team is not progressing as fast in the creation of the product that you want to launch to the market, a nearshore software development team can speed up the development with their experience and expertise, reducing the time to market of the products.


Shoestring budget


All companies, whether small, medium or large, will always want to grow and continue to expand. But many times, the budget limits many of the ideas and business plans. It does not always have to be this way, since through nearshore software development costs can be reduced by up to 50%, according to what was published in Scale Focus.


Hiring a nearshore software development team saves on equipment as remote developers have their own teams. Also, since it is remote, the company that hires you does not have to invest in infrastructure or furniture. They will only invest in the working time of the resources you hire.


desarrollo de software nearshore


Common mistakes to avoid when working with the nearshore software development mode


The nearshore software development mode is indeed very effective, but nothing in life is without its errors. We will show you the most common so that you do not commit them in your company:




You have to know very clearly who the provider is, as well as the developers that will be on the team that is going to provide you. Ask who they are, what their experience is, what they specialize in.




You can hire the best nearshore software development team, but if there is no defined strategic plan, it is as if the project has no direction. This will only lead the project to failure.




When looking for help from a nearshore software development team, you must have defined beforehand what the needs of your project are. This will give direction to work together.


desarrollo de software nearshore




Communication is essential in any context, including when it comes to a nearshore software development collaboration. As it is a remote job, the company and the supplier must establish what the main communication channel will be, so that the interaction is clear and fluid.




The relationship between a company and a service provider must be defined in a well-detailed contract, describing all aspects of the labor and commercial relationship. By not doing this, inconveniences and conflicts may appear in the future because the conditions have not been clear.


With these recommendations, you can start exploring the path of nearshore software development, analyzing if it is what your company needs right now. At Rootstack, we have +10 years advising companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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