Hire an Android Developer: Manage These Tools

August 22, 2022

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Android is the most used operating system in the world, present in millions of phones and with more and more functions and benefits for its users. Because it is free software, anyone can develop an application or a game and be successful.


In Toptal they define an Android developer as "responsible for developing applications for devices that work with the Android operating system. Due to the fragmentation of this ecosystem, an Android developer must pay special attention to app compatibility with multiple Android versions and device types. They must also have a solid understanding of the patterns and practices that revolve around said platform.”


Tools that an Android developer must handle


For the Android developer, handling these tools is absolutely necessary to get a job in the software industry and to be able to carry out projects that meet the needs of their clients.




According to the definition on their website it is "the official integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Android applications, based on IntelliJ IDEA". In addition to allowing code editing and the tools it offers developers, Android Studio also offers the following functions and features:


  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Fast and feature rich emulator
  • Unified environment to develop for any Android device
  • Allows code changes without restarting the application
  • Has test frameworks
  • Has Lint tools ready to detect application performance issues
  • It supports C++ and NDK as well as Google Cloud Platform


ADB (Android Debug Bridge)


This is a tool included within Android Studio, which is used as a command line or communication “bridge” between Android devices and other computing devices that may be used and needed in the development process and also in the build processes. quality verification and debugging.


AVD Manager


Altextsoft explained how this tool works “Another useful feature of Android Studio is AVD Manager, the abbreviated form of Android Virtual Device. AVD Manager is an emulator used to run Android applications on a computer. This allows developers the ability to work with all types of Android devices to test responsiveness and performance across different versions, screen sizes, and resolutions.”


android developer




This was the most used tool by Android developers before Android Studio was released. Although it is no longer supported by Google, many developers continue to use it because it works very well with different programming languages.




Fabric is the development platform behind the Twitter mobile app. It gives developers the ability to build better mobile apps by providing them with a set of "kits" they can choose from. These kits include everything from beta testing to marketing and advertising tools.


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