How do we know which software process model to use?

November 29, 2022

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When the decision to create or develop a software product is made, several aspects come into play: the concept, the type of product needed, the design, the development team and, very importantly, the software development process model that is used. will be used for its creation.


A software process model can be defined as an "abstraction" of the software development process. The software process model works to specify the stages and order of all activities that are performed, as well as the sequences.


software development


Types of software process model


Currently, there are several software processes models that are used by development teams or software development companies to create the various products, but there are some that are the most popular.


Among the most used are:


  • Waterfall model
  • V-model
  • Incremental model
  • RAD model
  • Agile model
  • Iterative model
  • Prototype model
  • Spiral model



software development


Factors to consider when choosing a software process model


Project requirements


Before choosing the software process model, you must take the time to define all the requirements of the project, this must be done by working together with the client and taking into account the needs of the user of the final product to achieve one hundred percent satisfaction. 


Project size


You have to take into consideration the size of the project you are working on. The bigger it is, the more people it requires on the development team and a software process model with more elaborate management and creation plans.




In general, complex projects do not have all the requirements clear from the beginning. New ones are added or changed as product development progresses and this can translate into time lag and higher cost, so complex projects require a software process model that can grow and change over time.




If you are working with a client, do you need to be involved during the process? Does the end user need to be involved in all phases of the development process? These questions should be asked before choosing the software process model.


Skills and Knowledge


Another factor that may not greatly influence the choice of the software process model but must be taken into account is the skills and knowledge of the developers and team members involved in the process. Their handling of development tools and languages ​​is important.


software development


What software process model do I need?


In conclusion, the software process model that is needed is tied to the requirements and needs of the product to be developed. Not all models are the same, some have very specific features that may not suit your needs, your budget, or the complexity of the product in question.


The key aspects are:


  • time available and required,
  • expenditure of money (both available and required),
  • project requirements,
  • possible risks,
  • end user requirements.


The complexity and size of the product are key, not only for choosing the software process model, but also for knowing which development company to work with. At Rootstack we have experience in projects of different sizes, so we are ready to work with you.


The agile development model is our specialty, we have several successful projects in which we have applied it, with satisfied customers and using state-of-the-art technology. Contact one of our experts, they will be able to guide you in detail and offer advice on how to develop your product, so that we can start working on it and your company can enter the new technology trends.


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