How to integrate Shopify with your social networks

December 23, 2022

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For a business or company, it is not enough just to have an online store or an e-commerce platform where you can offer your products or services, you must also implement marketing and advertising strategies to make them known. Shopify, one of the best platforms for electronic commerce, is the ideal one in these cases.


In addition to its multiple tools and functions, Shopify has the ability to integrate with different social networks, ways that are ideal for advertising, often for free, and through which millions of people can be reached in a few hours.


Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform ideal for starting, operating, and growing a business of any size. Among its most important features, it has a wide range of ready-to-use templates for your website, it offers a point of sale (POS), you can sell in a physical store or on a pop-up site, and it allows the creation of a totally custom URL.




Shopify integration with social networks




To integrate your Shopify store with your company's Facebook page, you must first install the Facebook Pixel, a tool that allows you to monitor user activity through ads. By having it installed, the tool will track purchase, payment information, shopping cart details, product view, initiate checkout, and monitor searches.


Steps to follow:


  • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choose the pixels to tabulate in the Measure and report category.
  • Copy the Pixel ID number and paste it into the Facebook Pixel tab in the Shopify store.


To find the Facebook Pixel tab:


  • Sign in Shopify store
  • Then select an online store from the left panel
  • Click on preferences and locate the Facebook Pixel tab


The next step is to synchronize the Facebook store with Shopify so you can sell through both platforms.






The integration of the Shopify store with Instagram is a great idea since customers and users will be able to see the products for sale more easily, use trending hashtags for campaigns and thus increase the audience. Before starting the integration, it is important that the Instagram account is a professional one and you must also have a Facebook account.


Integrate Instagram feed with Shopify:


  • In the Shopify store, type Taggbox Commerce in the search bar
  • Once the app is installed, click on add social feed
  • In the editing section choose Instagram
  • After choosing the type of font, hashtag, stories and so on, it will ask you to connect with a business on Instagram, click continue.


The successful integration of Shopify with Instagram is already done.




Twitter is one of the most interactive social networks at the moment and offers a good measurement of everything that is trending and viral, so having an integration with Shopify could give you a clear picture of what your customers and users really want.


Integrate Shopify with Twitter


  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • On Twitter account: go to settings, then click on widgets in the left panel
  • Create a widget and copy the code
  • Now go to Shopify, click on themes in the left panel
  • In the search bar write “themes” and click on liquid theme
  • Paste the Twitter code in the footer and save.


With this it is possible to integrate with the three most used social networks for the sale and advertising of products.


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