How IT staff augmentation services are revolutionizing the healthcare industry

April 09, 2024

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IT staff augmentation services are emerging as an unstoppable force that is transforming the healthcare industry. These services, which involve the provision of external technology talent to complement an organization's internal IT teams, are opening up new possibilities to improve the efficiency, quality and accessibility of healthcare.


In this article, we will explore how this trend is changing the health landscape and what benefits it brings.


it staff augmentation


How technology can be applied in the health industry

Let's start by talking about the areas where technology is supporting evolution in the healthcare industry:


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

“Using AI to process data, such as medical images, and develop disease models can help doctors make diagnoses more accurately. For example, recent work from IBM Research has shown that AI can be used to recognize and interpret patterns of brain activity in MRI scans to track the progression of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Huntington's disease”, they explained in an IBM article.


Healthcare operations

“Many hospitals and healthcare systems are beginning to take advantage of the improvements they have seen with electronic health records and find other ways to systematically improve their operations. Cloud technology, analytics, and mobile technology are just some of the technologies that organizations are using to optimize their digital infrastructure”, they added in the same article.


it staff augmentation


Clinical research

Life sciences entities are using technology to reshape the delivery of clinical trials. The implementation of smart devices, telehealth consultations, and sensors is supporting the delivery of decentralized trials, making data collection simpler and more efficient for participants.

Barcode Medication Administration

“Barcode medication management systems are electronic systems that integrate electronic medication administration records with barcode technology. These systems are intended to prevent medication errors by ensuring that the right patient receives the right medication at the right time”, they noted in a study published in the National Library of Medicine.


How IT staff augmentation enhances all flows of the healthcare industry

  • Solve the IT talent shortage in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is facing growing demand for innovative technology solutions to improve patient care, manage complex medical data, and comply with increasingly strict regulations. However, this demand is hampered by a shortage of healthcare IT talent.


Recruiting and retaining experienced IT professionals in the healthcare sector can be a challenge for many organizations, especially those with limited budgets.


This is where IT staff augmentation services come into play. Instead of relying exclusively on internal IT resources, healthcare organizations can leverage these services to access a global pool of highly qualified technology talent. This allows them to fill skills gaps, scale teams as needed, and carry out specific projects efficiently.


it staff augmentation


  • Provides flexibility and scalability

One of the main benefits of IT staff augmentation services is its flexibility and scalability. Healthcare organizations can easily adjust the size of their IT team based on project needs and software development lifecycle requirements.


Whether it's implementing a new electronic medical records management system or developing a mobile app to improve patient communication, staff augmentation services can provide the necessary talent at the right time.


“IT staff augmentation allows health systems to bring in experts for short-term projects and fill gaps in specific staffing needs. By gaining access to unique skill sets without having to hire additional full-time employees, this practice can provide health systems with greater flexibility to complete critical IT projects”, they noted in an article in Health Tech magazine.


it staff augmentation


  • Access to specialized expertise

Another crucial aspect is access to specialized expertise. Staff augmentation services allow healthcare organizations to access IT professionals with specific expertise in the healthcare sector, including knowledge of regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Data). This is essential to ensure regulatory compliance and data security in an environment as sensitive as healthcare.


“IT staff augmentation allows healthcare organizations to tap into a broader talent pool with professionals who have specialized knowledge in healthcare IT. This ensures that projects are executed with the highest level of expertise and in accordance with industry standards”, they noted in a specialized article published on Medium.


  • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Hiring full-time specialized IT staff can be costly for healthcare organizations, especially if they only need additional resources for specific projects. Staff augmentation services offer a cost-effective solution by allowing organizations to pay only for the time and skills they need. Additionally, by avoiding the costs associated with recruiting and retaining long-term staff, organizations can reduce their overhead expenses and increase operational efficiency.


  • Drive for innovation

By leveraging external talent through IT staff augmentation services, healthcare organizations can significantly drive innovation. IT professionals with experience in different industries and technologies can bring new perspectives and approaches to healthcare challenges, leading to the creation of more creative and effective solutions. This is especially important at a time when technology is playing an increasingly critical role in improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience.


IT staff augmentation services are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by addressing IT talent shortages, providing flexibility and scalability, offering access to specialized expertise, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and fostering innovation. By leveraging these services, healthcare organizations can advance their digital transformation and improve healthcare delivery significantly.


In a world where technology plays an increasingly critical role in healthcare, staff augmentation is emerging as a powerful solution to drive progress and improve outcomes for patients and professionals alike.

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