How to successfully incorporate an IT outsourcing team into your company culture

January 31, 2024

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Coherence and adherence to a company's culture by all its members are essential to achieve organizational objectives efficiently and harmoniously. Company culture acts as the glue that unites team members, providing a common foundation of values, norms and behaviors. When each team member embraces and practices these principles, a cohesive work environment is created that facilitates collaboration and the achievement of common goals.


However, sometimes, some resources may express resistance towards certain cultural attitudes, which can negatively affect the team dynamics, especially when working with external personnel, under the dynamics of IT outsourcing.


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An example of this could be resistance to adapting to changes, both on the part of the internal team and the IT outsourcing team. If the company culture promotes innovation and flexibility, but some members show resistance to abandoning old methods or established routines, this can create tensions and hinder progress.


Another example could be a lack of alignment with the company's ethical values. If individuals engage in behavior that conflicts with core principles of corporate culture, such as honesty or transparency, there is a risk of eroding internal and external trust, thereby compromising the reputation and long-term success of the organization.


Why is maintaining a solid work culture important in IT outsourcing?

Greater employee engagement

“A work environment that has an organizational culture is driven by purpose and clear expectations. This motivates and inspires IT outsourcing employees to become more involved in their job duties and interactions with others. It also leads to high levels of workforce engagement, which drives productivity. Having a strong connection with an organization and its people creates an atmosphere of positivity that is difficult to ignore”, they noted in an Indeed article.


Higher employee retention

Employees who do not feel valued by the company or who feel that they do not have opportunities for professional growth are unlikely to stay in their jobs for a long time, since they will always seek to improve. This applies to both internal teams and IT outsourcing teams. “Companies that promote community in the workplace are more likely to retain their best employees”, they also stated in the same Indeed article, making it clear that feeling part of something is important for employees, and not just feeling Like a passing piece in a puzzle.


Influences the achievement of objectives

“Visionary leadership is vital to the survival of any company. For a company to achieve its vision through long-term and short-term goals, it needs a strong strategy with talented, high-performing team members to achieve these goals. However, if a team is not united with a shared purpose, even the best strategy will fail”, they explained in an article on the Business Leadership Today portal.


When there is a solid business culture, the value of employees in achieving objectives is emphasized and this weaves a unity that makes teamwork possible, essential in the implementation and execution of any strategy, even more so if the dynamics there are an IT outsourcing team. “A work environment will not be healthy when there is no trust, transparency, responsibility and where exhaustion and anxiety are the norm”, they added.


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How to successfully incorporate an IT outsourcing team into your company culture

Successfully incorporating an outsourcing IT team into a company culture requires careful strategy and a proactive approach to ensure a smooth integration.


Here are some key steps that can help in this process:


  • Clarify values and expectations

Clearly establishing the company's cultural values and expectations is essential. Sharing these principles with the IT outsourcing team from the beginning will help align their goals and behaviors with the existing culture.


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  • Guidance and training

Providing detailed guidance on the company culture, values, standards and processes to the IT outsourcing team is key. This may include training sessions, briefing materials, and the assignment of internal mentors to facilitate onboarding.


  • Open and frequent communication

Encouraging open, two-way communication is essential with your IT outsourcing company. Create regular channels for IT outsourcing team members to share their experiences and concerns, and for the company to provide constructive feedback.


  • Integration into events and activities

Including the IT outsourcing team in internal events and activities, such as meetings, brainstorming sessions and social events, helps build strong relationships and strengthen the sense of belonging.




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  • Recognition and appreciation

Recognizing and appreciating the achievements and contributions of the IT outsourcing team reinforces integration. This can be done through recognition programs, awards and celebrations that highlight the positive impact of working together.


  • Diversity management

Ensure that the company and the IT outsourcing team understand and respect cultural diversity. Fostering an inclusive and respectful environment will contribute to harmony and collaboration.


  • Set clear expectations from the beginning

Clearly define expectations from the beginning of the agreement with the IT outsourcing team. This includes not only goals and expected results, but also behaviors and attitudes that align with the company culture.


  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment

Constantly monitor the integration of the IT outsourcing team and make adjustments as necessary. Adaptability and a willingness to address problems as they arise are crucial to long-term success.


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