Huawei Watch GT3: features of this smart watch

November 02, 2022

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huawei watch


While many users end up choosing an Apple Watch over any other option on the market, it's well worth taking a look at the other options available in the tech industry. Huawei is a Chinese company that has always tried to innovate with its products and recently launched the Huawei Watch GT3.


It is a high-performance smartwatch, with a battery that can last up to 14 days with basic use and up to 8 days with intense use. Its 1.43-inch sapphire crystal screen has highly precise touch response, which is a great attraction for users.


Features of the Huawei Watch GT3 that make it very attractive


Physical characteristics


  • There are two models, one with a 46mm dial and one with a 42mm dial.
  • It has a 'rotating crown' to zoom in and out of apps you see on your screen. You can operate your watch in this way even with wet hands, since you would not have to use the touch.
  • "It is made of stainless steel materials in the front box, behind we have a polymer fiber compound to promise high resistance with impact support and long life," they explained in a review on the Xataka portal.


huawei watch


Software Features


  • It is compatible with satellite systems, GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS, offering high location accuracy.
  • It has a built-in altitude barometer, so it can monitor and detect when there are drastic changes in atmospheric pressure.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, the Huawei Watch GT3 practically becomes your personal running coach, as it evaluates all your athletic ability while you run and exercise.
  • It has acceleration, gyroscopic, geomagnetic, optical heart rate, atmospheric pressure and temperature sensors.


huawei watch


What operating system does the Huawei Watch GT3 use?


This device uses HarmonyOS 2.0: "It is a next-generation operating system for smart devices, which provides a common language for different types of devices to connect and collaborate, providing users with a more convenient, fluid and secure experience," they explained in Huawei website.


It is a very interesting operating system for developers, since it allows cross-platform development, with flexible implementation on several different devices. In this case, application development is drastically simplified.


One of the great attractions of this operating system is that it integrates all Huawei devices so efficiently, that it seems that you are browsing on a single device, even if you have a smart watch, a cell phone, a tablet and a television.


Companies and developers have the advantage of having complete documentation about this Huawei operating system on their website.


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For now, we'll let you know that HarmonyOS app developers use ArkUI as a declarative user interface development framework to create user interfaces.


“It offers a simple UI information syntax, a wide range of UI components, and a responsive live preview, to increase your HarmonyOS app's UI development efficiency by 30%. With a single set of TypeScript and JavaScript APIs, you will be able to create a seamless user interface experience", detailed on the HarmonyOS website.


Huawei Watch vs Apple Watch




While using the Apple Watch 7 to the maximum the battery can last a maximum of 2 days, the Huawei Watch can last up to 5 days using the most popular features and having the screen always on.




This battle is won by the Apple Watch, since its square screen design provides users with 20% more space and information. The design of the Huawei Watch is more limited, as the screen is round. It's more classic, but it also reduces the amount of space to display information.


apple watch




One of the main reasons users buy a smart watch is to monitor their health and workouts. In the case of the Apple Watch, it presents the classic functionalities such as monitoring the heart rate, taking electrocardiograms and also measuring oxygen in the blood.


In the case of the Huawei Watch, it is specially designed for athletes or people dedicated to fitness, since it presents different specialized training programs and offers support for 100 sports.


Without a doubt, everything will depend on the needs you have when choosing a model or brand of smart watch, but certainly the Huawei Watch GT3 is one of the most requested devices on the market due to its performance and wide range of functionalities.


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