Aspects to take into account when outsourcing IT projects

May 09, 2023

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it outsourcing


IT project outsourcing has become an increasingly prevalent practice in today's business landscape. With the rapid expansion of the technology industry and the growing intricacy of IT projects, numerous companies have opted to delegate these tasks to specialized providers.


This approach grants them the opportunity to diminish costs, gain access to specialized expertise, enhance flexibility and adaptability, and concentrate on their core business operations. By engaging in IT outsourcing, companies can form partnerships with highly skilled teams, leverage the provider's experience and knowledge, and expedite the time it takes to introduce their products and services to the market.


Nonetheless, while IT project outsourcing offers a multitude of advantages, it also presents challenges in terms of remote management, data security, and ensuring the quality of work. In this article, we will delve into the crucial aspects that your company needs to consider when collaborating with an IT outsourcing provider to ensure a successful partnership.



it outsourcing


Keys to understanding the outsourcing of IT projects

  • "Companies use IT outsourcing to reduce labor costs, including the salaries of their staff, general expenses, equipment and technology",  they emphasize on the Investopedia portal.
  • IT outsourcing is also a tool that allows companies to focus on core business tasks, while delegating the development of a side project to an external team.
  • The communication between the IT outsourcing provider and the contracting company is one of the most critical points, since limits must be established in terms of security and standards must be established so that communication is synchronized and transparent.


“Secondary outsourcing can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the company itself. This strategy can also lead to faster response times, greater competitiveness within an industry and the reduction of general operating costs”, they noted in the same article, about the business efficiency provided by the IT outsourcing service in the development of Projects.

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What you should take into account when delegating your project to an IT outsourcing provider

The outsourcing of IT projects implies a series of essential aspects that companies must consider when making the decision to outsource.


Some of the key aspects include:


  • Selection of the right provider

It is essential to choose an experienced and reliable IT service provider. Factors such as the vendor's reputation, past project history, team skills and competencies, and responsiveness to specific business needs must be carefully evaluated.


Clutch recommends that you look at the provider's past projects and try to reach out to any past customers for their testimonials on how the service from this provider was.


“Even if your potential technical partner leaves you with no doubts and meets all the points listed above, feedback from actual customers can still be helpful and give you a better idea of what to expect”, they commented in an article. “Search through special platforms meant to show customer reviews about the most well-known development firms”, they added.


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  • Clear definition of requirements and expectations

Before starting outsourcing, the company must have a clear understanding of your requirements and expectations regarding the IT project. This implies defining the objectives, scope, deadlines, budget and any other relevant details. Clear and effective communication with the supplier is essential to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


  • Data security protection

Data security is a critical aspect in IT project outsourcing. The company must ensure that the provider complies with the necessary security standards and regulations, establish confidentiality and data protection agreements, and ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect sensitive information throughout the process.


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  • Communication

According to an article from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, communication is one of the most important skills that companies are requiring, along with technical skills. The leaders have understood that, beyond having the best technical team, if its members do not know how to communicate, the progress of software development will be very difficult and hasty.


When hiring an IT outsourcing provider, make sure to establish communication standards with that team, be it setting weekly meetings, defining consultation hours, establishing communication channels, be it chat, email, video calls or whatever best suits the flow of the project.


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  • Transparency

It is one thing for the IT outsourcing provider to swear that they will deliver an exceptional software product, but much of the quality and efficiency depends on the workflow that this external team has and the quality standards that they follow.


For this reason, every company must ensure that the work process is well defined, clear and allows the software development cycle to be followed smoothly, they explained in Clutch. Ideally, the vendor you hire will give you a detailed work plan, breaking down each of the stages of development.


It is also a good sign of transparency that the IT outsourcing provider manages some kind of project management software and gives it access to its clients, so that they can follow up on the project and leave some kind of feedback, if necessary.


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Why resort to IT project outsourcing?

  • Cost reduction when outsourcing IT projects, since companies can take advantage of the economic benefits of hiring resources in countries with lower labor costs.
  • IT outsourcing allows companies to access specialized talent and skills that are not available internally.
  • It allows companies to quickly scale their capabilities based on the needs of the project.
  • Outsourcing IT projects allows companies to focus on their core business and activities that generate added value.


These essential aspects help to ensure that the outsourcing of IT projects is carried out successfully and that the expected benefits materialize. Proper planning, effective communication and active management are essential for a successful collaboration between the company and the IT service provider.

it outsourcing


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