Pros and cons of IT outsourcing in small companies

March 03, 2023

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IT outsourcing has become a common practice in companies worldwide in recent decades. It consists of subcontracting activities related to information technology, such as technical support, software development, database management, and computer security, among other services, to companies specialized in these areas.


It has become popular due to several factors, such as cost reduction, the need to access experts in specific areas, the flexibility to adjust the capacity according to the needs of the company, and the ability to focus on the business's main activities.


In addition, IT outsourcing has evolved over time. Previously, companies mainly outsourced technical support and hardware maintenance services. Today, companies are outsourcing more specialized services, such as implementing cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cybersecurity.


IT outsourcing in small companies: What are the competitive advantages?


Outsourcing IT services is an increasingly common practice in small businesses. However, like any business strategy, it has its pros and cons. Below, we detail the advantages:


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Costs reduction


Outsourcing of IT services can result in significant cost reduction. This is because companies can outsource activities that are not their main competition and that could be expensive if done in-house.


Access to experts


By outsourcing IT services, small businesses can access experts they couldn't afford to hire on a permanent basis. In addition, these experts are at the forefront of the latest technologies and trends, allowing the company to stay up to date.




IT service outsourcing allows companies to easily adjust their capacity according to their needs. Small companies can scale the contracted services according to their requirements, which gives them greater flexibility.


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Focus on the main activity


By outsourcing IT services, companies can focus on their core activities and spend more time on innovation and business growth.


Disadvantages of IT outsourcing


Lost of control


Outsourcing of IT services can cause companies to lose control over critical processes and intellectual property. It is important to establish contractual clauses and confidentiality agreements to protect the interests of the company.




Outsourcing of IT services can lead to communication problems. The company and the provider must have good communication to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that the services are delivered according to expectations.


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Vendor dependency


Small businesses can become dependent on an IT service provider. This can create a risk if the supplier has financial or quality problems, which could affect business continuity.


Security risk


The outsourcing of IT services can create security risks if the provider does not have adequate data and system protection measures. It is important to verify that the provider has security certifications and establish contractual agreements to protect confidential information.


Recommendations before hiring an IT outsourcing company in Austin


Before contracting IT outsourcing services, it is important to take into account some tips to ensure that the company can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with this practice. Here are five tips to consider before outsourcing IT services:


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Define the needs of your business


First, get an idea of the IT needs of your business. Make a list of the software you use and the plans for development or technological growth of your company in the coming years. It can also be useful to collect all the programs, applications and platforms that your teams use to have a complete picture of your technological needs”, they explained in an article on the Parallel Staff portal.


Company leaders need to meet to discuss what the business needs to continue to prosper and grow. The feedback that employees can give about the daily use of the platforms and what is needed to do the job more efficiently is also important. With these exchanges of experiences, better decisions can be made when hiring an IT outsourcing provider.


Evaluate IT outsourcing provider options


When making the first calls or interviews, ask: “Do they know your industry? Do they have clients of a similar size to yours? How long have they been in business? Do they understand the mission of your project and are they prepared to work with you to achieve your success criteria?”, they recommend in an article in CIO business magazine.


Set clear expectations


It is essential to establish clear expectations from the beginning of the relationship with the IT outsourcing service provider. It is necessary to define the objectives, deadlines, responsibilities, service levels, confidentiality agreements and other relevant details. All this must be reflected in a contract that must be carefully reviewed before signing.


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“Before you sign those contracts, be sure to double-check your project charter. Have your goals changed? Are you still real tracking your goals? Make absolutely sure that your outsourcing partner is aware of your objectives and trust that they will help you achieve your objectives”, they emphasized in the same CIO article.


Technological capabilities of the IT outsourcing provider


“In IT-related solutions, one of the key factors is the technological capacity of that outsourcing company. If your hardware, software and systems are vulnerable and unreliable, you will have problems, especially in IT outsourcing”, Shoriful Islam detailed in a LinkedIn article.


Establish good communication


Communication is key to a successful relationship with IT outsourcing service providers. It is important to maintain open and frequent communication with the provider to ensure that services are delivered according to expectations and to resolve any issues that arise along the way.


In conclusion, IT outsourcing can provide small businesses with significant benefits in terms of cost reduction, access to experts, flexibility, and focus on core business. However, there are also associated risks such as loss of control, communication problems, vendor lock-in, and security risks. Therefore, small businesses should carefully weigh the pros and cons before making an IT outsourcing decision.


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