Key steps to start a successful software development project

February 06, 2023

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desarrollo de software


Innovation is always present in software development, which is why new trends are always emerging to improve projects and maintain quality above all. But, beyond this, there are factors that are decisive for a successful software development project, regardless of the passage of time and the modernization in the technology industry.


Decisive factors in a successful software development project


In software development, there are factors that must be present for the project to flow and evolve in the most correct and efficient way. This is exactly what we will talk about below, before moving on to the stages of successful software development.


Factor 1: Clarity in the objectives of the project


All successful software development depends on how clear the company is about the objectives of the project. Define the goals, what you want to achieve with the project, the characteristics of the product, the target audience you want to reach, and what kind of problems you want to solve with the software product.


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Factor 2: Definition of requirements and needs


Once you know what you want to achieve with software development, the part of defining the requirements and needs of the project arrives, before launching the creation of the software product. When we talk about requirements, we refer to system requirements, technologies, developers, user interface, as well as needs derived from the market.


Factor 3: Realistic planning


Many times companies, wanting to quickly launch a mobile app or a website, make unrealistic software development planning, which often causes project failure, delays or unexpected errors. It is most appropriate for companies to apply agile methodologies in software development, which makes the creation of software products much faster, with faster delivery of results. Planning should always be done based on the available resources, technologies and difficulties of the project.


Factor 4: Project monitoring


Once the software development of the project has begun, it is appropriate for the company to establish a mechanism for monitoring or follow-up of the project, to be updated on the progress and its evolution. This allows to verify that the software development goes according to the planning, it also helps to detect errors to be adjusted before the end of the project.


desarrollo de software


Key steps for a successful software development project


After having examined some of the factors that should always be present in a software development, we will now address the key steps to start the development of your own software project.


The organization is one of the fundamental factors when starting a software development project, so that all the essential elements are clear to the development team and they are not confused about what they want to achieve.


Step 1




You must be aware of who will use the software, what problems it will solve, what functionalities it will have, so that you make a list of the project requirements. It is about defining the software developers that are needed, the types of profiles, the technologies that will be used in software development. This will serve as a guide for the next stages of the project.


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Step 2




With the requirements and clear functionalities, we proceed to work on the design of the software product. It is about defining the software architecture, system requirements, as well as specifications of what will be seen in the graphical interface.


Step 3




After analyzing the requirements and preparing the design and architecture of the software, software development begins. In this stage, the software development team follows the planning made based on the requirements and design of the software. It is usually the longest stage of any project.


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Step 4




Although many companies skip this stage in order not to increase software development times, we do not recommend it at all. The software development testing stage is essential to verify the operation of the product, app or website. It is used to detect errors or adjustments to be made before the release of the software product. The testing stages also serve a lot to improve the user experience and save costs.


Step 5



Once the testing phase is over, the product is ready to be released to the public. This stage is essential to see the user's reaction to the product, they usually send suggestions that serve to further improve the platform. Bugs that have escaped in the testing stage can also be detected. The deployment gives way to the maintenance and support phase.


desarrollo de software


Step 6




Software development is not over once the whole cycle is complete: once the project has come to an end, comes the implementation and with it, the maintenance of the software. In this phase, the fixes are applied to the problems that were detected in the deployment, support is given to the most elementary aspects so that the platform offers the best experience to the end user.


In this blog, we have provided you with details about the most important aspects of software development: on the one hand, the factors that must be present, yes or yes, in every software project. Also, we detail the steps to follow to start with the development of your project.


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