Which methodology is best for web development?

November 29, 2022

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To work on web development, it is necessary to have discipline since it is a task to which you have to pay full attention. Companies dedicated to software development usually follow web development methodologies with which their teams can successfully complete all technological projects.


A software development methodology refers to the process or processes that engineers and developers follow step by step when they are working on the design and creation of a new technological project.


There are several web development methodologies that software creation teams can follow, such as agile, but we will talk about the one most recommended by experts and one that our expert engineers follow at Rootstack.


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Lean web development methodology


An article published by CodingDojo explains “With an extreme emphasis on maximizing efficiency and reducing waste, the lean development methodology is becoming a critical framework within agile development. By delivering only what the product needs and doesn't want, the lean development methodology is now a big hit in technology.”


This is a methodology that focuses on delivering more value to customers with fewer resources involved in the development process, so customers get full software development for possibly less investment.


The lean development methodology has a few principles that it follows on any occasion:


  • Amplify learning
  • Built-in integrity
  • Fast delivery
  • Late decision making
  • Team empowerment
  • See the whole
  • Waste disposal


The last of the principles of the lean web development methodology is its pillar: eliminate waste. A team applying this methodology ensures that the code is clean and clear, without any bugs that can delay its release to market and make the creation time longer.


software development


Software development companies have adopted this lean methodology in order to achieve continuous improvements in the software product during the creation process, since changes can be quickly adapted.


Another positive aspect of the lean web development methodology is that it makes it possible to obtain information directly from the source, directly from the group of users to whom the project will be directed, thus completely eliminating a problem that mobile applications usually suffer, for Example: not covering the direct needs of users.



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Difference Between Lean Methodology and Agile Web Development Methodology


In a special article, TechTarget explains about this “There are some subtle differences between the two processes. The lean methodology focuses on building better processes, while the agile methodology focuses on building better products. Agile practices seek to create products that meet consumer needs and expectations, and lean practice is one way to achieve that goal.”


The lean web development methodology also has some similarities with the agile methodology, for example, it uses methods such as Scrum and Kanban, which are better known in agile software development.


The software process methodology that is chosen, in the end, always depends on the needs of the project. The complexity of the product must be taken into account, in addition to the time that must be invested in the development of the project.


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