Laravel command guide: what you need to know about this PHP framework

March 15, 2022

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Laravel is an open-source framework whose utility is to develop web applications and services using one of the most popular languages ​​on the internet: PHP. Laravel's philosophy is quite simple: develop PHP code elegantly and focus on simplicity, thus avoiding spaghetti code.


When we say "spaghetti code" we mean something that, in its construction, resembles a plate of pasta. It is a derogatory way of naming complex flow structure control programming code as if it were a bunch of strings, dating back to the 1960s.


One of the intentions of Laravel and its developers is to take advantage of the best of other frameworks, as well as the features of the latest versions of the PHP programming language.


Basic Laravel Commands to Ease Development


We are going to walk through some of the commands that facilitate development in Laravel, which run in Artisan, the command line interface of this framework.


Basic commands:


To list all Artisan commands: php artisan list.


Help craft php: a command that will help you get help on a name of some command you need.


Php artisan help makes: auth


Make:auth is the name of the command we are looking for information about.


Php artisan-version - A command that will list the version of Laravel you are using.


Php craftsman below: works to put the Laravel application in maintenance.




Php craftsman: with this command you start the application again.


Env envio craft: tells you the environment in which the application runs




craft vision php: clear


A command to delete all compiled view files.




craft route php:list


List all registered routes.




This guide to basic commands will be quite useful when you are developing an application or website using Laravel, or you can even have them fresh in your memory if you are already an expert in this framework.


Benefits of using Laravel


Among the benefits that Laravel offers to develop applications in PHP, the following stand out:


  • Facilitates development as it integrates BackEnd tools
  • Combining the best packages in the PHP ecosystem to offer a robust and developer-friendly framework.
  • The ability to create dynamic sites with an innovative template engine.
  • A very secure and bulletproof migration process.
  • Pre-installed and goal-oriented libraries.
  • Laravel uses a unit of PHP with which it automates code testing when developing web applications.


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