How can a Laravel developer use Docker?

November 01, 2021

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Before talking about how a Laravel developer can use Docker and obtain its benefits, first we have to explain what exactly this system is. On their official website, they define Docker as “an open platform for developing, shipping and running applications. It enables your users to separate their applications from their infrastructure so they can deliver software quickly. They can also manage their infrastructure in the same way that they manage their applications".


This makes Docker a safe environment for any software developer, as it allows them to test their code, run it and see what errors they made and thus fix them before presenting the project to their clients.


Uses of Docker for a company


We already know the benefits that this open platform provides for software developers, but the different uses it has for a company and how it affects its team of developers should also be highlighted:


  • Your developers write code locally and share their work with colleagues using Docker containers.
  • They use the platform to push their applications to a test environment and run automatic and manual tests.
  • When developers find bugs, they can fix them in the development environment and redeploy them to the test environment for testing and validation.
  • After testing is complete, getting the solution to the customer is as simple as sending the updated image to the production environment.


Laravel and its different uses for creating web pages


"The framework of the web artisans" is how they define Laravel on their website. This technology provides a structure and a starting point for building your application, allowing the developer more flexibility when creating a website or application.


Laravel stands out for offering the developer a good experience, while also giving you several quite powerful features as an option, such as exhaustive dependency injection, an expressive database abstraction layer, queues and scheduled jobs, integration tests, and unity and more.


Among its characteristics, the following stand out:


  • The combination of the best packages in the PHP ecosystem to offer a robust and developer-friendly framework.
  • The ability to create dynamic sites with an innovative templating engine.
  • A very safe and bulletproof migration process.
  • Pre-installed and goal-oriented libraries.


The benefit a Laravel developer gets from using Docker


Why is it attractive for a Laravel developer to use Docker? Well, if you have multiple production servers running different versions of Linux, PHP, or any other web software, those variables can be replicated to the container where the website or application is being tested and you can be sure that the same will run. exactly as intended on the production machine.


Another case where the use of Docker is a benefit for the Laravel developer is when they have multiple projects spanning different versions on their local machine, which can be a big problem, but when using Docker to build, you may have a specific configuration for each application without having to implement something like a PHP version switcher and modify your actual machine settings. Even if you want, you can access both projects at the same time, and each container runs in isolation from the other.


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