What is marketing automation?

June 18, 2021

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Nowadays companies are constantly looking for new solutions that will help them get better results with less staff, in a shorter time, and without having to invest so much money. It might sound like a utopian reality, but the truth is that thanks to marketing automation software, companies all around the world can start to automate repetitive, yet important tasks, significantly reducing the staff, time, and money usually spent on that particular task.


From automating their workflows to automating the way they handle their relationships with their clients through a CRM, companies have been able to automate a series of important tasks, and now, they can do the same with their marketing strategy through marketing automation tools.


What is marketing automation?


Marketing automation refers to the process of automating your marketing strategies through a marketing automation software that allows you to integrate, automate, handle and manage all of your marketing tools in one place.


This solution takes care of repetitive yet important tasks such as email campaigns, social media handles, and other web-related tasks and automates them for you, making the overall process easier and faster.


This practice, along with the use of a proper marketing automation software, allows companies to nurture leads with customizable, personalized content that helps them turn them into regular customers.


Through marketing automation tool, handling marketing tactics and platforms becomes easier, and the process of attracting leads and convert them into clients is more organized, quick and efficient.


marketing automation


To put it simply, marketing automation is the process done to automate your marketing tools and strategies and merge them into a single platform that takes care of repetitive, yet important tasks regarding your current marketing plan.


This way, companies, and marketers are able to manage different processes and multifunctional campaigns through a single software in an automate way.


What can marketing automation platforms do for your company?


Of course, companies don’t automate their processes just because they can. They do it because it represents a benefit they can implement right now on their current business.


That being said, what marketing automation software can do for you is very simple, and can be resumed in two main points:


  1. It helps you streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
  2. It helps you integrate your marketing tools into a single software.


Basically, what this solution does is automating and simplifying a set of tasks and responsibilities of your current marketing strategy through a set of marketing tools and specific software.


In other words, marketing automation platfotms gives you the opportunity to create a complete, well-managed strategy without making it complex, by automating most parts of it.


This way, marketers are able to implement a well-done marketing strategy without having to manually send, time or schedule each post, message or email you create.


But, how does it do this? How does marketing automation software work? You might ask, and the concept itself is pretty easy to grasp and understand. You see, marketing automation collects customer data through every platform, communication channel or tool, including but not limited to emails campaigns, social media posts, and website visits.


This way, the marketing team gets a full view on the behavior and interaction each client or customer has with the different platforms and can create a much better and accurate marketing campaign.


marketing automation


Why you should definitely implement marketing automation platform?


Marketing automation software allows you to implement a specific software that takes care of all your marketing tools and merges them into one, making it easier for you to control them.


Through these types of software, marketers can gain a better insight into their audience, identify their buyer personas and design unique, customizable content for each type of audience they are trying to target.


Marketing automation software allows you to set content and campaigns that will be automatically triggered by specific schedules and customer behavior giving you the opportunity to focus your effort and resources on other tasks.


By implementing a marketing automation solution you get to:


1. Merge all of your marketing tools and strategy in a single software.


2. Automate posts, campaigns, messages and emails.


3. Trigger automated actions based on customer behavior


4. Reach a higher level of personalization on your marketing campaigns


5. Get reports and insights on how your current strategy is performing and how you can improve it.


6. Properly nurture leads and transforming them into actual clients.


To put it simply, an automated marketing strategy can help your company cut down on staff, save time and money, allowing you to redirect those resources to more important tasks.


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