What Can You do with Marketing Automation?

June 18, 2021

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Marketing automation is the process of automating your marketing strategies through a single platform that takes care of repetitive, yet important tasks regarding your current marketing plan. Marketing automation platforms integrate and manage all of your marketing tools together so that different departments, especially the marketing and the sales department, are able to manage different processes and campaigns while the mechanical work is getting done by itself.


What Can You do with Marketing Automation?


Marketing processes that can be automated are those such as the segmentation of prospects, leads or customers, as well as the integration, or completion process, of customer data and campaign management. By merging all these marketing automation tools in a single software, marketing automation helps us automatize the schedule of social media posts, campaigns, messages, and emails. This, in addition to other processes, converts leads into sales by allowing one to keep constant contact with potential customers, while simultaneously keeping in touch with other customers after the sale.


This is achieved through a lead nurturing process in which contact with the lead is maintained through automatically distributed relevant content, hence encouraging possible conversion into customers. By maintaining coherent communication with the lead by producing the type of content that interests and applies to each lead, the conversion rate of potential leads to customers increases in less time and with significantly less effort.  In this process, marketing automation platforms are crucial. Most importantly, all of this happens through automatically generated exchanges that are tracked and nurtured in a personalized and more cost-effective way than other non-automated solutions.


marketing automation


Thanks to automatically generated exchanges, marketing automation software allows your company to reach a level of personalization that is incomparable to other non-automated solutions in how thorough and cost-effective it is. By automating these processes based on customer behavior, marketing automation also automates the client's top of mind about your brand vs. the competition.


Incorporating Marketing Automation platforms: Where to Start?


At Rootstack we combine marketing automation tools, like Mautic, with Rootnet CRM, providing a more thorough, efficient, and profitable approach.


Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform that allows us to manage digital marketing processes through omnichannel. It aims to create a database that will have great value for the commercial and marketing team as well as optimize actions to obtain the right answers. This is done through integrations with a CRM solution and automatic campaigns.




Rootnet CRM is a marketing automation software with 5 modules that help you manage the relationship between your business and clients. The marketing module expedites and automates access to the information in your customer profiles. It will be possible to know what they are looking for, at what time and in what way we can communicate with them. This module helps us with:


rootnet crm


1- The automation of internal processes and marketing processes relating to the client


2- Segmenting leads according to their interests. It groups the contacts according to the information you need, such as location, age, gender, business, etc.


3 - Automatic integration of CRM contacts based on attributes and traits defined with automation segments in Mautic


The joined efforts of Rootnet + Mautic create a unique strategy that can effectively be programmed and personalized for each specific segment according to their interests or at what stage of the conversion funnel they are located (for example requesting information, making a purchase, etc.). The ease with which this can be personalized according to the needs of each business allows this combination to be more efficient and profitable. It's the perfect match for a unique marketing automation platform.


More specifically, all the information of the client is collected through marketing strategies and returned to Rootnet to be collected. This later could be configured to send a notification or show an alert to the marketing or the sales department when one of the potential clients have matured and are now ready to make a purchase.


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