Nearshore companies: What they are how they work

June 18, 2021

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In a World where technology allows us to do things we never thought possible, the way we do business and carry important internal processes have changed just as well. As a matter of fact, more and more companies are choosing to not even deal with internal processes anymore, and instead outsourcing.


To be more specific, companies are choosing to resource to software development outsourcing, and just like the name says, outsource all the processes related to software development. And although these might seem like a new and special idea, it truly isn't.


Software development outsourcing isn't anything new, actually, offshore and nearshore software developments have been around for quite some time now, as a matter of fact, they have been around for over ten years, being a crucial part of the outsourcing market.


But do you know nearshore companies are? Do you really know what a nearshore company is, how they work, and how they manage to function? Well, we are a nearshore software development company ourselves, and we would like to tell you everything you should know about companies like our own, and how do exactly we manage to function.


nearshore company


What are nearshore companies?


Let's start with the very basics. A nearshore company is simply a company that is based on a different country than your own, so basically, every company can be a nearshore company, but that really isn't enough. To be more precise, these types of company usually offer a service or product to other enterprises or companies that are located in different regions of the world.


Nearshore companies can be just about anything, from nearshore software development providers (Like us), to companies that dedicate themselves to help people find their own style, companies that sell physical products (computers, cell phones), literally any company that offers a service/products to others located outside their country.


Now, this concept can be adaptable to offshore companies, with the only difference, offshore providers are usually more far away than nearshore. For example, if you are a company based on the US, a nearshore company should be one located anywhere in Central or Latin America, meanwhile, an offshore provider should be any one located in Asia or Europe.


So, are nearshore companies the same as nearshore software development companies/providers? The short answer is no. Nearshore software providers are a type of nearshore companies (again, just like us) who focus on providing all the necessary help to create, develop and deliver a great software solution to another company.




How do nearshore software development outsourcing works?


It is actually quite simple, and much of the time a lot easier than having to deal with a present, face-to-face business relationship. You see, nearshore software development companies are precisely that, companies with legitimately offices, engineers and workforce and that do their best every day to deliver great software solutions.


Like we mentioned earlier, they are legit companies, just ones that are based quite away from you. This is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing to outsource your software development process for the first time, since you will be dealing with an actual, established company.


nearshore company


Now, back to how a nearshore company works, they basically adapt to what the client needs to be done. You see, every software development outsourcing providers counts with the necessary tools, hardwares and software permissions to engage in a software development process.


They count with all the things necessary, including the team of experts engineers and developers, to help YOU put together the software solution of your dreams (whether that is a website or a mobile application… Or both), they have both the hardware and personnel to get it done.




What happens when you contact a nearshore company?


Let's say you were looking for nearshore companies on Google because you need a new software development provider, and you came across a company that you actually liked, for example, let's say you came across Rootstack, and you were interested in working with us.


So, what happens from there? What happens when you first contact a nearshore company? Well, they will usually reach back to you, and then the fun begins. You see, since you are two companies that are completely far away from each other, it's likely the communication will happen from one of two ways: Via emails, or online meetings. Or a combination of boths.


nearshore company


This way, the discussion part of the processes being, a moment where you, as a client get to tell the nearshore company everything about your project, being precise about the scope of it, what you want and what you expect. Meanwhile, the nearshore company should come up with a plan, pricing and and overview on how they will take upon that project.


If everything goes well and the interviewing part results satisfactory for both ends, you'll be able to start working with your software development outsourcing provider immediately. Keep in mind, these projects take time depending on how big or demanding it is, but that your provider should always keep you informed during every bit.


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