Odoo 14: Continuous improvement and focus on integral processes

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies



Without a doubt, the Odoo ERP advances relentlessly expanding its features and positioning itself not only as an ERP but also as a powerful CMS and an excellent solution for E-Commerce. At Rootstack, we did a detailed analysis of this new version and we can conclude that the changes in the Website builder are notable, surely motivated by competition like WordPress or Drupal.


What is Odoo?


We can define Odoo as a scalable ERP that gives companies the ability to integrate sales, customer management, website creation, warehouse management, accounting, inventory management, and much more in one place.


Odoo is a business management software that allows the user to manage all the departments of the company in one place, at their whim and convenience, with functional and modern tools.

Website, Multisites & Visual Impact


The multisite is activated by default and we can now login to the platform with the Google console. Also, the registration options are now configured from the website, and there is a link tracker section that gives us website statistics without leaving Odoo, thus allowing you to track links by campaign, medium, and source. We can also highlight the new and renewed interface of the web builder, which makes it very attractive for any user to implement Odoo from this module. Its progress in functional aspects is noteworthy, making it even more intuitive and friendly.




More friendly and dynamic


The settings are more understandable and the Odoo warnings are now integrated into the Odoobot. In the configuration, we find the documentation corresponding to each setting with a practical link and the permissions can be changed in the corresponding module. There are countless changes in the functions of each module. We can now save without the need to export lists and reports in any extension and send them immediately to suppliers and clients. We also see a much cleaner inventory interface with impressive graphical reports with new options such as forecast reports and stock replenishment. Now we have a new module, Odoo Cleaning, a very useful tool to keep the database clean.


The applications section now has a section view which makes it easier to see it in the initial window. We also found new widgets in all functions, as well as the use of a chat feature with team members from the applications, a new visual of the CRM, and an emoji package that gives it a more modern look. Its responsive interface now includes the point of sale and the change is substantial and of great value.


Do you need to work with Odoo? Contact us and let's start developing the project that your company requires.




Thinking about the developers


For developers, we have a major change in the framework with the new Odoo OWL made in Javascript and based on glasses. It uses qweb and it is at least 3 times faster than the previous system. 


One of the most interesting changes is born in the Documents module and can be used in all the other modules with Office applications for editing text-type documents and tables with a spreadsheet that does not depend on third parties. We can also mention the integration with Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet. 




More than a description of the updates of version 14, this is an invitation to know Odoo, to use it, and to count on us to answer your questions about how it can change your company’s processes. Count on us to lead your Odoo experience.


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