Drupal: Excellent tool for SEO

June 18, 2021

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The availability of technology to businesses over users is not something that should be overlooked.


To achieve the success of online tools we must plan the objectives and provide added value to our users with quality content.


As an effective digital marketing strategy we will have the SEO, in charge of providing a good positioning in search engines to attract new users making more visible the site and highlighting among the competition.


In this blog we will focus on the improvement of SEO with Drupal, what elements help us and how we can improve our positioning in search engines.




SEO benefits


  • Constant Promotion

  • Content performance review

  • Verifiable results

  • Long-term positioning

  • Increases brand visibility

  • Increases sales

  • Available 24 hours

  • Improves search engine compatibility


What is Drupal?


Drupal is a content management system (CMS) recognized for its scalability and flexibility with extensive functionalities available, transforming simple to complex projects within the life cycle of a single system.

In Drupal there are multiple integrated tools and infinity of external modules to improve SEO




Most used Drupal modules focused on SEO


  • Custom Breadcrumbs

     It allows you to configure parameterized routes for any type of node.

  • Google Analytics

    Visitor Tracking

  • Metatag

    Allows full control of meta tags on your site, nodes, categories, views, etc.

  • Pathauto

    Based on the page title, this module automatically creates an SEO-friendly URL.

  • Sitemap

    Create a plain text version of the site map.

  • XML Sitemap

    Create a dynamic, search engine-readable sitemap compatible with Sitemaps

The organic positioning in search engines changes constantly, it will be up to each company to comply with marketing strategies to keep their websites in good positions.




Drupal has designed specific modules to help you in the organization of all content, optimizing important part of keywords that positively contribute the positioning of your web solutions.


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