On the path to digital evolution with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

October 10, 2023

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At our first big annual event, one of Rootstack's most important partners, Red Hat, could not be missing. The technology company, dedicated to cloud computing solutions, offered an interesting talk commenting on digital evolution and one of its newest solutions: Ansible Automation Platform.


Before we get into it, it would be good to know a little about Red Hat: it is a software company known for its enterprise distribution of the Linux operating system and related open source products and services. It was founded in 1993 and has since become a prominent player in the open source software industry.



red hat


What is Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform?


Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a comprehensive automation solution provided by Red Hat. It is designed to simplify and streamline information and technology operations by automating repetitive tasks, orchestrating complex workflows, and managing infrastructure as code.


Ansible Automation Platform leverages the power of Ansible, an open source automation tool, and extends it with additional features and capabilities for enterprise use.


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Key aspects of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform


  • Ansible Core: At its core, Ansible is an open source automation framework that uses simple, human-readable YAML (another markup language) files, called manuals, to describe automation tasks. Ansible allows you to automate a wide range of IT operations, from configuration management to application deployment and more.
  • Orchestration: Ansible Automation Platform adds orchestration capabilities to Ansible. This means you can use it to create complex automation workflows that involve multiple tasks and dependencies, allowing you to automate and optimize entire processes.
  • Security and compliance: Ansible Automation Platform includes security features such as role-based access control (RBAC) and integration with identity management systems. It also helps organizations enforce compliance by automating security controls and policies.
  • Integration: Ansible can integrate with a wide variety of systems, including cloud platforms, virtualization technologies, network devices, and more. Red Hat provides modules and collections to connect and manage these systems, making it easy to automate and manage various IT environments.


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  • Ansible Tower: Ansible Tower is a web-based interface and management console included in the Ansible Automation Platform. Provides a centralized location to manage and monitor Ansible automation, making it easy to schedule jobs, view logs, and collaborate on automation tasks.
  • Automation Center: The Red Hat Automation Center is a repository of certified Ansible content, including roles and collections. Helps organizations find and share automation content to accelerate their automation efforts.
  • Support and Services: Red Hat provides support, training, and consulting services for Ansible Automation Platform, ensuring organizations can get the assistance they need to effectively deploy automation in their environments.
  • Community and ecosystem: Ansible has a large and active community, which contributes to the development of Ansible content and provides support and resources. Additionally, there is an ecosystem of third-party integrations and extensions available for Ansible.


Overall, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is designed to enable organizations to automate their IT infrastructure and processes efficiently, leading to higher productivity, fewer errors, and greater agility to respond to changing business requirements. 


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