Pipedrive vs Salesforce Which is the best CRM?

October 14, 2021

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You may be thinking to what extent is a CRM necessary? Having already Excel or a contact list to manage my clients. Well, it is a vital part of any administrative process of a company and currently there are two that dominate the market: Pipedrive and Salesforce.


What is Pipedrive?


Pipedrive has been qualified as the CRM tool of main use for companies, with more than 90 thousand active users. Pipedrive is an all-purpose CRM, designed to support established corporations, as well as growth-minded organizations that need a way to scale effectively. With Pipedrive, you get access to the features you need, and you don't need a Software degree to discover them.


What is Salesforce?


Among today's popular CMRs, Salesforce stands out. It is one of the most efficient and demanded platforms by companies today, since it allows managing the relationship with customers in an agile, easy and safe way.


Pipedrive vs Salesforce: which CMR stands out above the other?


Advantages presented by each CRM




  • It is one of the cheapest CMRs on the market
  • It is easy to use for a person without technological knowledge, only with basic training
  • It has an active help support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.




  • You can choose and customize the features and tools that will be essential for your type of business
  • Integrates easily with other CMRs
  • It is the most popular, so it has a wide community where you can get answers to any questions about its use
  • Tools for every aspect of your business.


Disadvantages of each CMR




  • You don't have a free use plan
  • Tier 1 Essential plan includes branded web forms
  • Potentially a limiting feature set




  • Difficult to learn how to use
  • Installation is quite complicated
  • It's expensive to have all of its features available
  • Confusing and time-consuming interface


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