Tips for fast and easy Python development

March 11, 2022

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​of the moment, being one of the most used among software developers to create mobile applications and websites that are used in people's daily lives.


Among the reasons for the popularity of Python, the following stand out:


  1. With Python, you can solve entire problems in less time and with fewer lines of code. This language facilitates many processes with its simple application.
  2. It's a high-level language, so you no longer have to worry about complex tasks like memory management that you have to do when programming in C++.
  3. Python is cross-platform, which means you can build and run applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Top tips for quick and easy development in Python


Save time on compiler work


If you're looking for a single tool that improves the quality of your Python code without interfering with false positives and verbose messages, experts recommend Pyflakes' code linter. Pyflakes is open-source, freely available, and easy to set up.


To get immediate feedback and catch bugs early, they recommend integrating Pyflakes with your code editor and build server. Automatic linting for code changes as part of its continuous integration process makes your life easier. It ensures that all developers on your team use the same settings and that no uncaught warnings are missed.


Don't discuss code style


Avoiding code and style discussions within the team is an important step, by doing this you reduce the time wasted by devoting time to code reviews by inexperienced developers.


So that this does not happen, from the official Python page they offer as a quick solution is to choose one of the style guides that are freely available on the internet, such as PEP 8 or the Google Python Style Guide, after implement automated tools to ensure that the code follows the guidelines of the style guide.


Micro delays


Part of the daily work of a web developer are those few seconds or minutes a day when we have to wait for a module to be installed, for example, a test to run or a commit to finish, all this without losing concentration and focus on the task at hand.


These small breaks in which we must maintain focus cost us a large part of our mental energy, so it is best to put together all these tasks that are going to cause a micro delay and do them in one day, or in one afternoon. By doing this, you can get up to an additional week of productive time per year.


These tips will help any Python developer to create their web page or application quickly and easily, also ideal for anyone who is starting to use this versatile programming language.


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