How to automate the download folder with Python

October 04, 2021

Tags: Technologies




Python is one of the most used  programming languages ​​by developers and all enthusiasts of this field of work. In addition to serve for the creation of applications and web pages, it is one of the most recommended for the automation of simple processes in computing.


Among the advantages that Python has over other programming languages, the following stand out: its ease of reading and understanding, it is designed for maximum productivity, it operates on multiple operating systems, it has an extensive selection of libraries available to the user, and it is an open software. Also, it has a wide community to support any doubt and keep it updated.


Python is easy to understand, it is a technology that takes coding as a natural human language, in addition, it is not necessary to define the type of variable. This language is widely used for process automation and here we explain how you can automate the download folder for the content you download from the internet.


Steps to automate the download folder with Python


The first thing we do to automate the downloads folder is to create a Python file, we import some modules and each one with its respective meaning. It is also advisable to place the download paths, for example to create the videos in a different folder.




After doing this, all the elections we want the program to work with will be created, the number is at your convenience. The next thing would be to create a function that will collect the file and the extension, also a text for that checks that the extensions match the file, then all the others and if they match it moves it to the download path.




The more extensions you put in, the folders will be more specific. The extensions that you do not put, simply send those files to a folder called "others".


At the end of this step, we proceed to place the Main function and what it does is that the files that are within the download path will be reviewed one by one, dividing them into a name and an extension and this will be gives the sort function to repeat the process.




Download path folders can be created outside. The program can create them but this would be to work with more code, so it is recommended to create them with the normal process on the desktop.


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