The Road Ahead: Emerging Trends in AI, Data, and Technology Adoption

December 22, 2023

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artificial intelligence


In technology everything changes, everything evolves, and this will remain constant throughout life, so you must be aware of trends, get ahead of them and not be left behind. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are the solutions we will focus on in this article.


Artificial intelligence could be said to be the most popular technology of the moment, it went from being something that only experts could use to being present in any aspect of people's daily lives, which is why its use in companies is completely necessary. 



artificial intelligence


Emerging trends in artificial intelligence


2024 will be a crucial year for artificial intelligence, as its use will increase, both business and personal, so it is important to know the trends that will be at the top of the list for next year.


Ethical artificial intelligence


People's concern about the use given to artificial intelligence has been growing this year, reaching its maximum boiling point, for example, with the strike of actors in Hollywood, who stopped the film industry protesting against the use of artificial intelligence. this technology to reproduce the image of the actors. Taking this into account, experts in this technology are committed to ethical use in 2024.


Quantum Artificial Intelligence


This might be a term straight out of a science fiction movie, but it's a real thing. In Forbes, expert Bernard Marr explains “For those new to the concept, quantum computing may seem like a science fiction plot. However, it is quickly moving from the pages of fiction to the forefront of artificial intelligence research. Dive into the complexities of qubits (quantum bits that can incorporate multiple states at once) and you will understand their revolutionary impact on data processing. It's not just about theoretical potential, either; “Both emerging startups and established tech giants are channeling significant resources into developing quantum solutions.”


Augmented work


This trend is simple and already in use in many workplaces, it is to use artificial intelligence to improve the work of the human collaborator, allowing this technology to help increase production.


Don't you think it's possible? See what an artificial intelligence tool says about it “Augmented work refers to the use of technology and digital tools to enhance and improve traditional ways of working. It involves adding digital elements, such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to physical environments or work processes. Augmented work aims to increase efficiency, productivity and safety in the workplace by providing workers with real-time information, remote collaboration capabilities and automated assistance. It also enables remote work and flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection.”


artificial intelligence


Other trends in artificial intelligence that will stand out in 2024 are:


  • Explainable AI: As AI becomes more complex and integrated into critical systems, there will be a growing demand for transparency and explainability. This means that AI systems will need to provide clear explanations of their decision-making processes, allowing humans to understand how they reached their conclusions.
  • Multimodal AI: AI systems will be able to process and analyze multiple types of data, such as text, images, and audio, simultaneously. This will allow for more sophisticated and nuanced insights into complex problems and situations.
  • Trustworthy AI: As the use of AI becomes more widespread, there will be an increasing focus on ensuring these systems are trustworthy and accountable. This will involve developing new frameworks for AI governance, as well as ensuring that AI is developed in a way that prioritizes privacy, security and fairness.


artificial intelligence


What's coming in Data Analytics


Data analysis is something new and is constantly evolving. Trends may vary but our experts on the subject think that these are the ones that will dominate in 2024:


  • Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning: The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into data analysis tools continues to be a prominent trend. Automation of repetitive tasks, predictive analytics and advanced pattern recognition are areas where AI and machine learning play a crucial role.
  • Augmented Analytics: Augmented analytics combines machine learning and natural language processing to automate data preparation, knowledge discovery, and sharing. It allows business users to access and understand data without requiring specialized skills.
  • Data Governance and Privacy: With growing concerns over data privacy and regulations like GDPR, data governance is becoming a critical aspect of data analytics. Companies are focusing on ensuring their data practices comply with regulations and ethical standards.
  • Cloud-based analytics: Cloud computing provides scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, making it a popular choice for data analytics infrastructure. Cloud-based analytics platforms enable organizations to store, process and analyze large volumes of data efficiently.


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