Rootstack Participates in América Digital México 2024

July 02, 2024

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america digital 2024


Continuing with our purpose of being present at the most important technological events in the region, Rootstack attended América Digital 2024 in Mexico City, where it was shared with thousands of attendees from different parts of Latin America.


From June 19 to 20, our representative enjoyed multiple talks at the event focused on Fintech, e-commerce, digital marketing, telecommunications, cloud computing, big data, and other trends dominating the current business technology world.


For this event, which we attended for the second year in a row, we are going to do something a little unusual, balancing the advantages and disadvantages that we obtained as attendees, without having any benefits at the sponsorship level.


america digital 2024


Advantages and benefits obtained with our attendance at América Digital 2024


Our representative at the event was able to attend several talks, most focused on the financial industry, where business leaders and technology experts spoke about the trends that will dominate 2025 in terms of business software, all full of valuable information and presented in a way interesting and interactive.


The topics of cybersecurity, automation, and artificial intelligence were the most interesting, and several success cases were explained, giving current examples and explaining the entire process based on their experience, highlighting the problems that each company presented and how they solved them. 


Within each talk, our representative was able to talk with the other attendees, obtaining information on trend topics for next year and thus obtaining a clear overview as a service company of what we should focus on to offer our international clients.


Disadvantages What could be improved about the América Digital 2024 event?


On the other hand, although in the information aspect, everything was impeccable, when the opportunity to make work connections and network came, it was clear that it was the weak part of the event. If a company did not have a stand, it was a bit difficult to start conversations with people interested in a service.


The event made an effort to create an application where thousands of attendees could send messages to each other, but not all people downloaded it, so at one point it was not a benefit to be able to meet people interested in a service.


There was a room intended for networking and remote work for those who needed it, but this room was usually frequented by entrepreneurs or assistants who, again, were looking to sell a service. It was strange to see a business leader in this room, who had a greater presence in the speaking space.


About America Digital


As they explain on their website, América Digital “is the main Technology and Business Congress for the Mexican market. The event has the Digital Expo, 7 Specialized Latam Forum, Conferences, International Seminars, and Business Roundtables.”


The event is held every year in Mexico City, attended by thousands of people from more than 20 countries to learn about the latest trends in technology and create business connections.


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