Is Shopify for B2B the right platform for this type of transaction?

December 23, 2022

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The world of commercial transactions is quite wide, including all the processes of electronic commerce. Transactions will not always be made between the company and the client or user, there are also some that are made between companies, and these are known as business to business, or B2B. There are different platforms for this type of process and one of them is Shopify.


To define what B2B transactions consist of, we quote Investopedia "Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between companies, such as that involving a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between businesses, rather than between a business and an individual consumer. Business-to-business transactions contrast with business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G) transactions.




Shopify for B2B


As the multifunctional ecommerce platform that it is, Shopify has a tool that is perfectly suited for B2B transactions: Shopify Plus.


Shopify Plus is a modern platform that offers customers and users personalized purchases and access to customer-specific products, with equally personalized prices on a case-by-case basis. In addition, it has the ability to automate internal workflows.


One of the most striking features of Shopify Plus is the possibility of integrating it with other systems, for example, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and content management (CMS) systems, also having tools to improve marketing and experience. of customer service.


Well-known companies already use Shopify Plus to handle their B2B transactions, among them are: Beard & Blade, Laird Superfood and Death Wish Coffee.




Shopify Plus Features


  • Personalized price: With Shopify Plus you will have the option to customize the price that you show to each customer according to who they are and the products they want to buy, as well as the quantity of it. You can also configure preset discounts and price lists.
  • Custom Shopping: You can easily create separate product counters for your B2B customers. In the same way, inventory and orders for this type of transaction can be managed separately.
  • Customer Accounts: Shopify Plus offers the option of a Customer Account Portal, which will allow your business customers to place orders 24/7 without needing to access an email or contacting a phone number.


Industries that benefit from B2B transactions


Today, almost every industry is dedicated to doing some type of B2B transaction, they have become a fundamental part of the monthly and annual income of companies.


On the Shopify Plus page, they list the Fashion & Apparel, Beauty & Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Home Furnishings, Sporting Goods, and Toys & Games industries as the top ones to use this platform for B2B transactions.




Sales channels for Shopify


In a document on the official Shopify page, they explain “Sales channels represent the different platforms where you can sell your products. By connecting each sales channel to Shopify, you can keep track of your products, orders, and customers in one place.”


The best sales channels for Shopify are:



To add a sales channel to your Shopify platform, you must first go to settings, there click on "applications and sales channels". Then enter "Visit the Shopify App Store" and search for the sales channel you want to add to add it.


A sales channel will allow you a greater reach to the products or services that your company offers, without having to carry out another inventory or register, since everything can be done through Shopify, maintaining the ease and practicality.


Do you need a site for your online sales or a B2B transaction platform? Do not hesitate to contact us. At Rootstack we have carried out several projects of great commercial magnitude, so our team is trained to meet the needs of your company. Start your way through the web world and from that leap to the great technological trends of the moment, always at the hand of a group of experts who help you reach your maximum potential.


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