SMS Programmable Service

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies



In a world where technology is constantly advancing, it is clear that innovation has a considerable effect on the way companies decide to do things. An API programmable SMS solution is ideal for adapting your organization to new ways of selling your products and services.




Being able to include programmable SMS services in your strategy, can be beneficial for both your customers and your brand, as customers respond better to relevant and personalized messages. By planning and scheduling text messages to prospective clients and customers, our company manages to communicate messages such as specific and detailed offers and promotions to appointment confirmation and reminders about special hours.




Including programmable SMS services in your strategy allows you to maintain a form of direct communication through text messages with multiple users in an economic, fast and easy way to program. This can look like personalized SMS to clients and prospects to promote certain advertising campaigns or even as the ability to facilitate the management of marketing plans thanks to its ability to distribute and manage mass communication.






- Personalized and massive SMS to contacts available in the database

- Distribute promotional messages to more people, thus increasing the number of potential customers and referrals for your business

- Access the recipient reply without any password authentication

- Manages to follow up with the customer after the sale

- Messages sent to the same person automatically use a previously recognizable phone number to create a consistent experience and maintain conversation history.




- Send reminders of payment compliance, appointments, relevant news, temporary or special schedules (among others) to clients

- Shipments can be scheduled for a certain date and time, depending on the ideal consumer of your business

- Check the status of all your messages in real time.

- An inexpensive way to help entrepreneurs, specifically, to distribute information to create a strong clientele It is important to remember that by automating the process of sending and receiving text messages, the workflow is accelerated. This translates into speed and productivity, thus reducing labor.


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