Introduction to the fascinating world of UI / UX design

December 16, 2021

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With the intention of enriching the knowledge of its collaborators and continuing with their certifications and courses, Rootstack held a "Lunch and Learn" where everything related to UI / UX design was learned, taking a look at this fascinating world.


Melisa Perotta, our UX designer, was in charge of directing the talk on this exciting topic, one that involves us all on a daily basis and we hardly notice it, hence the importance of having a basic knowledge about it.


What is UI / UX design?


User interface design, or UI for its acronym, is the graphic design as such of a mobile application or website. This covers the buttons where the user clicks, the text they read, the images they see, the controls with which they slide through the application, the text input fields and all the other elements with which they interact.


A UI designer also takes care of the transitions, the animations of the application interface and all the micro-interactions that the user maintains with the AI. They are the ones who decide how the application will look, choosing the ideal color combination, the shape of the buttons, the width of the lines and which font will be used for the texts, in some cases creating a totally new font.


UI designers are graphic designers. They are concerned with aesthetics. It is up to them to ensure that the application interface is attractive, visually stimulating, and themed appropriately to match the purpose and / or personality of the application.


Now comes the turn of the UX design, or that of the "user experience". Here you determine how a person's experience is when using the application or the web page. Is it fluid? Intuitive? Does navigating the app feel logical or is it totally arbitrary? User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it can be to interact with interface elements that UI designers have created in the run-up phase.


If UX designers are also concerned with the user interface in an application, what is the difference between the two? Well, UI designers define how an application's user interface will look, while UX designers worry about how this interface will work.


The UX designer determines the interface structure and functionality, how it is organized, and how all the parts relate to each other.


ux design


Rootstack collaborators enjoyed an interactive chat full of useful information


Melisa Perotta explained all this with several graphic examples for those attending the talk, around 30 people who were able to contribute their own points of view on the subject, even giving options for some applications to be analyzed. From Spotify to an application of a delivery service, our collaborators were able to clarify the doubts they had about the UI / UX design.


In the future, Lunch & Learn will continue to be a fundamental part of our benefits outside of work, focused on enriching the knowledge of our workers, offering courses with certifications as well.


At Rootstack we offer our collaborators an environment where they can expand their knowledge, acquire new skills and abilities that will only improve their professional career, focused on growth and an ideal balance of work life and personal life.


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