Tips for a more effective Outreach Strategy

February 24, 2022

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Outreach is the process of engaging with prospects, who can be either persons or organizations. Directly or indirectly aiming to convert the conversation to a sale.


The most used methods of outreach are Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Email Marketing, and networking through Social media (Such as Linkedin). These subjects might seem frightening and sure it is not easy to engage with someone over the phone, so here are some tips to help you through your Cold Calling journey and hopefully assist you in creating more successful contacts.


The process of calling a prospect directly and engaging with them is hard, no one likes to be ambushed directly into a conversation they are not ready for. You don’t want to be perceived as a Telemarketer, and the prospect might even consider that contact as a violation of their privacy. But this does not mean this method is dead or outdated.


Tips for a more effective Outreach Strategy


1. Embrace the rejection

Rejection is a necessary part of the sales activities, from prospecting to the sale closure. If someone says “no” but it’s kind about it you might have the chance to ask them why, if they keep saying no and there is no turnaround, be kind to them, thank them, and finish the call in a good way. It might also help to seek testimonies of your past clients to see what types of approaches were used. Remember, rejection is never personal.




2. Focus on the immediate learning, NOT in the immediate Sale: 


Cold Calling can’t be dominated from one day to another. Establish a goal to learn something in every interaction with a prospect, either something good or bad.


Establish your expectations adequately and try to constantly learn from every interaction. Adjust your script accordingly and be aware of the type of interactions you are having each day


3. Don’t waste anybody’s time, including yours.


You have the responsibility to create an adequate list of prospects and not lose time on people who are not the right point of contact. You will reduce the number of times you will be rejected if you are smart about the prospect you are reaching.


Make sure to add to your list companies and contacts who you think you can help with the service/products you are offering. And don’t waste your time with companies or prospects who do not need the services you are providing.




4. Scripts are a great tool to have but don't be a ROBOT.


Create a script that is easy to follow, remember to speak clearly and at a good pace, do not go too fast on it since the prospect might get the impression that you are a telemarketer. Add useful information and create different possible scenarios so you can cover different types of conversations. Remember, the perfect script does not exist, it is possible that you have to adjust and revisit yours multiple times. Take the time and add the experience you have gathered to them

5. Make the right questions and establish the right next steps.


Remember that you are not looking to close a deal on a first call, the first call is for exploration, to create a connection with the prospect, and to enable them to ask questions. The result is to add that prospect to the sales funnel, so you can do so easily by asking them some questions instead of coming in with the sales pitch from the start.


Have you tried “this” type of process before?
Are you happy with your current provider?
Would you mind considering our company to be your next provider for XYZ Services?


These are some questions that could benefit you in your call but it is not limited to those, explore new opportunities and options.




6. Learn to create effective Voicemails.


About 90% of cold calls end up in voicemail. You must master the art of leaving concise, valuable information in a short format that the prospect will understand, and be interested in. The voicemail is not a way to create a sale, but deliver a message that creates curiosity and makes the prospect call you back. And leave that voicemail with the company of an Email or a Linkedin Connection Invite so you will have more visibility.


Hopefully, these steps will help you through your journey. Outreach is not an exact science but you will learn to adjust along the way and become a great Salesperson.


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