Symfony: one of the PHP frameworks with the best features

October 18, 2021

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Before talking about Symphony, it is necessary to clarify what the PHP programming language consists of.


PHP is a programming language used to build web pages and applications. PHP runs on the server, so when a request is made on a web page, it is common that to give the answer to your need, it is using a PHP code.


One of the most common uses for the PHP language is to use it in the development of logging in and out of a web page. The web page can be built with HTML, but once the user enters their name and password, a request is sent to the server and PHP comes into play here.


This connects to the database and allows the user to enter the web page.


Symfony: one of the most used PHP frameworks


What Symfony does is play with the HTTP service, this consists of a client making a request through a browser, that request is processed by the server code and it prepares a response and returns it to the client through the browser.




One of the peculiarities that Symfony has is that it gives you a Model-View-Controller structure that makes the development very scalable and makes it friendly to work as a team due to the structure it offers you, such as its route system, its system of front-end, all those tools make developing simple and scalable.


Symfony main features


With a main focus on optimizing the development of web applications and thus increasing its functions, Symfonny has an extensive list of features that make it one of the most versatile PHP fameworks.


Among these, the following stand out:


  • The Model-View-Controller-based system
  • The high performance achieved when developing a web app
  • A flexible URI routing
  • Create a reusable code and therefore easier to maintain
  • Allows you to manage sessions and keep track of errors
  • Fully featured database classes with cross-platform support
  • It has a large community of developers that remains active
  • Has a set of decoupled and reusable components
  • Application standardization and interoperability
  • Security against cross-site request forgery and other attacks




Symfony is a very effective tool for creating web applications. Many companies offer Symfony services to their clients, among them is Rootstack, who with its team of expert developers has been able to use this framework to solve the technological problems of our clients.


Symfony is one of the most used frameworks in Rootstack


Our developers at Rootstack have used this framework to carry out different projects, such as the creation of a guarantee system for a construction company in Panama to channel complaints and claims from clients when receiving a property.




With this guarantee system, we managed to automate the complaints and claims process: Appointments are scheduled for the survey on site with photo capture with details to generate order and assign the contractor. Assignment of tickets to contractor according to the category of damage. Ticket assignment to contractor according to damage category, all with the help of Simfony.


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