Tips to motivate your nearshore development team

June 18, 2021

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nearshore development


Working with a nearshore development team is a great option to reduce cost, increase productivity and ultimately save time on your company, however, it does comes with a couple of challenges.


You see, while outsourcing, specially nearshore development comes with great benefits, which we have already discussed in previous blogs, the truth is there is a major problem when working with a nearshore provider, and that is keep them motivated.


Although keeping your own team motivated is relatively easy, doing so with a nearshore provider takes quite a bit more effort, especially when you consider they are so far away from you, and motivation really is the only thing keeping them working towards delivering a great product for you. That being said, here are some tips and tricks you might want to take into consideration.



nearshore development



Tips to motivate your nearshore development team

Offer the nearshore development team a payment that is commensurate with the work

We have mentioned a couple of times how one of the main benefits of working with nearshore providers is their lower costs, however, you should never underestimate they work by offering a very low payment in return.


You see, nearshore outsourcing IS affordable, especially when compared to onshore development teams, however, affordable does not equal cheap. If you want to keep your nearshore development team motivated, match the payment to your intentions.


Make the nearshore provider feel part of your team

A great breach that usually occurs between companies and nearshore development is the fact they tend to work separately, when both of you should be working in unison.


This doesn’t mean trying to do the nearshore development team’s work, but rather keeping a healthy relationship in which they feel as a temporary part of your team. Trust us, building this type of relationship with your outsourcing provider from the very first moment can bring amazing results for your company.


nearshore development


Keep communication channels open with the nearshore development

Communication is KEY between nearshore development providers and any company. Remember they are located away from you, and the communication channels are the only thing connecting both of you.


Keeping healthy communication channels with your provider, communicating your concerns and answering their questions is vital to keep them motivated throughout the whole process.


Encourage their ideas

Remember you chose to work with a nearshore development partner because they can do what your company currently can’t: Developing a great software that will be useful to you.


With that in mind, keep an open opinion to any ideas they might have as to how to improve the project and execute it. Have faith in their decisions and trust your nearshore development partner, after all, they are the experts here.


nearshore development


Keep the information flowing

Since developing a software is a collaboration between you as a company, and your nearshore provider, it is normal they will request some information at some point during the project.


Make sure both you and your team are comfortable sharing this information, and furthermore don’t block the communication channels. The easier everything flows between both parties, the easier the whole project will be for both of you.


Give useful feedback

This doesn’t mean to criticize the nearshore development team’s work, but to rather let them know they are going on the right path, and that what they are doing is going accordingly to the plan.


Of course, if you happen to have any other suggestions or ideas you would want to incorporate into the process, make sure to lay those ideas in the best way possible that could be useful for them, and ultimately for you.


Keeping a nearshore development team motivated takes a bit more of effort, but without a doubt, the results of doing this are beneficial for you as well, so don’t skip such an important part of a software development process!


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