Top 5 things you didn’t know custom software development but probably should

June 18, 2021

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Nowadays, there is not a process that can be simplified by applicating a software solution. However, there are companies and brands who need a much more advance software solution that the ones available for the general public.


To put it simply, custom software development gives enterprises and companies the option to have a software solution completely made just for them, a solution that caters directly to their needs and requirements.


Customer software development is such a vital part of companies nowadays, that the enterprise software market is expected to reach over 405 billion U.S dollars by the end of the year, according to a study made by statista.


Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at what custom software development really is, and go through the five top things you need to know about it, including how it can help your business.


What is custom software development


The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, however, let’s get a closer look into what custom software development really is, and what it means for companies that are trying to grow.


To put it simply, custom software development is the name given to the designing of software applications created specifically for a single user or group of users with very unique characteristics and requirements.


You might be thinking, what is the difference between regular software development and custom development? The first one caters to a much bigger audience, while the other is custom made to suit an specific set of requirements.


The whole idea of custom software development is to create a software that addresses the necessities and requirements of this specific group of people, in order to facilitate their everyday tasks.


Of course, this development process is made by a third-party (either an offshore or a nearshore company), that works towards satisfying the necessities of the client and developing a software that adjust specifically to them.


Let’s give you an example of custom vs regular software development. You see, a regular software would be one that caters to a wide, general public. Think about iOS, Windows, Android, etc.


These softwares (Both web and mobile) don’t necessary cater for an specific group of people, and are usually made to target larger masses, allowing them some level of customization, but not too much.


On the other hand, a custom software solution is a software that is specifically made for a group of people (for example, a company), that caters to their necessities and covers all their requirements.


Top 5 things about Custom Software development you need to know


By now, you have probably noticed why thys type of software development is such a good idea for both small and big companies who are looking to grow, and why it is a better idea than going for regular off-the-shelf softwares.


However, it is time for you to learn about the most important things regarding custom software development, and why it represented a good option for YOU and your company:


1: It is completely customizable


Let’s start with the basics, custom software development is, well, customizable. And we aren’t talking the typical “you can change the basic settings to better suit your necessities” type of custom solution, we are talking it is 100% customizable.


This means you get to decide everything about the software you need. You get to decide the main features, how it is going to look, what you want the solution to do, absolutely everything.


Of course, the software development company will create a plan that suits the requirements and scope of the project in order to deliver the wanted solution, and successfully complete this specific order.


It is important to point out that if you are really looking for a custom software development, partnering up with a nearshore company is probably your best option, as we stated in our previous report, here.


2: It optimizes business processes


According to a report made by the Software Testing and Big Data Hadoop, over 20% of working hours are spent on repetitive, non-profitable, dull tasks, that directly influence the productivity of your workforce.


By implementing a custom software solution you are giving your workforce the help they need to get back on track and increase their productivity almost immediately, all thanks to automation. Adopting this type of software development allows all types of companies to implement a solution that adapts to what they need, instead of changing their regular processes to adapt to new technologies.


Custom software development gives companies the option to start implementing a software solution that helps them automate their businesses models an internal processes, achieving a maximum level of productivity, without actually having to make any dramatic changes in their models.

3: It isn’t cheap, but it is cost effective


We have talked about this multiple times, we even have a report talking about the truth cost of software development and how it isn’t necessarily cheap, but rather accessible and cost effective.


What we mean by this is that hiring an offshore or nearshore company to develop a custom software solution might not be necessarily cheap, but it is cost effective. Let us elaborate on that.


You will be investing directly on a software solution that does exactly what YOU need to be done, meaning you are investing on a software platform that will help you automate your processes, increase your team’s productivity, and therefore, potentially increase your sales.

4: It is flexible


Custom software development isn’t only customizable, but also extremely flexible, since it is a solution that can be scaled and adjustable according to the needs of your own company.


Keep in mind, this is something that can only be done through a customized software solution, through a team of software engineers, since off-the-shelf applications simply don’t offer this level of flexibility, and will only allow you to adapt their platforms to some points.


5: It offers you a more secure option


Last, but definitely not least, a custom software solution allows you to reach a better level of security, since all of your data, useful information and general processes are put into a software that was specifically created for YOU, and under your requirements.


As a company owner, you will have total control of the security measurements that will be implemented to create your software and will be informed of the technologies used to secure your data.


Without a doubt, customer software development is the one of the best solutions to optimize your internal processes, increase your productivity levels, and begin to have a digital transformation that directly influences the way your company performs.


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