Types of automation you can do with UiPath

December 09, 2022

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In all companies, there are both routine and tedious activities and processes that everyone would like to make a little easier and more bearable. Automation with RPA came to solve all these situations, facilitating the daily life of company teams. UiPath is one of the leading platforms in the RPA market as it allows you to automate almost all internal and web-based applications of a business.


Table of Contents

  • Benefits of UiPath RPA
  • Types of automation you can do with UiPath
  • SAP Automation
  • Screen scraping
  • interface automation


Benefits of UiPath RPA


Before we talk about everything you can automate with UiPath, let's take a look at the benefits you'll get using this tool in your company.




  • You will increase the productivity of your business since it automates applications and systems at an incomparable speed.
  • It has a minimum operational cost and improves the utilization of IT resources.
  • Security is guaranteed on the UiPath RPA platform.
  • It is easy to use, making automation design and deployment faster.
  • Improve the user experience both in the front and in the back office.


Types of automation you can do with UiPath


Desktop automation


“If you copy some fields from one app and paste them into another, import sales data from an Excel spreadsheet, and insert it into an online form, it's already time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. It is time to automate these processes ”, explains UiPath in this regard in his documentation.


It is about using automation scripts, easy to create. They work on desktop, web, Java, and Citrix applications.




Website automation


With this type of automation, it is possible to extract data from a website and store it in a .csv file.


It allows:


  • Form filling
  • Screen scraping
  • Data extraction
  • Website Testing
  • Generation of periodic reports
  • Compatible with HTML, Flash, Ajax, Java, Silverlight and PDF




Email automation


This option makes it possible to save in a particular folder, those emails that have a certain keyword.


Staff Augmentation


Excel Automation


With this functionality it will be possible to fill out a Google form from the data stored in a .csv file automatically. This will save your team work time and increase productivity, since an RPA robot can work 24 hours a day. In addition, human errors will decrease. The precision and speed will be higher.




Screen scraping


It is very useful as it allows you to extract the text from the screen of the applications that are in full execution. Plus, it works everywhere, with Java, .NET, PDF, browsers, SAP, and more. It is key when it comes to data migration and integration.




SAP Automation


In the business world there is more and more competition, so the SAP automation of UiPath is extremely useful to stay ahead of the market. This makes it possible to reduce errors in the databases, eliminating inaccurate information about businesses, processes, transactions, and customers. It also reduces the processing times of common tasks, increasing productivity.




Interface automation


"Frontend automation is the essential support tool for screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, application integration, and content migration", UiPath detailed in an article on its website.


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