UiPath with SAP: How does this integration work?

December 09, 2022

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Businesses need to have all the information they need at hand, without delays or errors, since the success or failure of any strategy they are going to create depends on it. SAP has become one of the essential tools for the management of any company and UiPath is a fundamental strategic ally when it comes to automating processes.


Table of Contents

  • What is UiPath?
  • How SAP works with UiPath
  • UiPath streamlines data entry into SAP


What is UiPath?


We start by briefly explaining what UiPath is: it is an RPA tool that is used by companies to create desktop automation solutions for Windows.


With UiPath, companies streamline their processes and improve teamwork as it frees them from repetitive and routine tasks. In addition, RPA solutions improve the customer experience and minimize the error rate in the processes.


The robotic automation solutions offered by UiPath adapt to any industry: as well as benefiting the administration of companies, it is also very useful in logistics companies and insurance companies. Companies like Uber, Xerox, Spotify, and Heineken have used UiPath to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their processes through automation.




How SAP works with UiPath


SAP is one of the most widely used business management systems in the world. This software centralizes all business functions on the same platform, facilitating and speeding up access to data.


"As a result, companies can speed up workflows, improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, improve customer experiences and, ultimately, increase profits," they detailed in the SAP documentation.




UiPath streamlines data entry into SAP


SAP's integration with UiPath is primarily done to streamline data entry. Through UiPath, this SAP automation is configured, which will also minimize the errors that a human can make, but that an RPA robot cannot.


Staff Augmentation


“UiPath takes the best of both worlds and offers a product that can be configured to intelligently scan forms, copy data, and reproduce keystrokes without making any typing errors or fatigue like many hardworking workers. to enter data”, pointed out UiPath about the great benefit of this integration of SAP and UiPath.


Additionally, UiPath can be configured to only detect certain fields in a document or form, so it will only enter the data that matters to you, ignoring the rest and saving time.




UiPath is also useful in SAP for:


  • Integration of legacy applications
  • content migration
  • SAP screen scraping
  • Copy and paste data between SAP and other applications
  • Update status field in a system
  • Data mining
  • Typing or screen scraping of data on the screen


Although the use of RPA bots in a business can be scary or uncertain, actually using UiPath is very simple. Business analysts will be able to monitor the robots, obtain relevant data and reports, working with an almost zero error rate and at a lower cost than a human team.




If technology is evolving to help us do a better job in our companies, we must take advantage of the tools and solutions it gives us. If you are looking to streamline your workflows and reduce the errors your team is currently throwing up, working with SAP and UiPath is a good alternative. You'll improve the quality of the data you collect and store, free your team from repetitive tasks, and be able to use those resources in other strategic areas of higher value.


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