VDesigner: the electronic signature tool created by Validated ID

October 05, 2023

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Technology has given humans the possibility of facilitating many tasks that were tedious in the past, including being able to sign documents while, for example, in different parts of the world without the need to travel or late shipments. This was achieved with digital signature solutions, such as the one offered by Validated ID.


About Validated ID


On their website, they report “Validated ID was born in 2012 with the aim of offering a digital signature service with high legal robustness and very easy to use. With this premise, we contributed our experience in different areas of work and VIDsigner Bio came to light, a handwritten electronic signature service on a tablet, very easy to integrate and, above all, very legally secure.”


As one of the most important Rootstack strategic partners, Validated ID was present at our annual event, held in Panama on September 21, where they talked about VDesigner and the benefits it has for its users.



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VDesigner: A simple and secure way to sign documents


VDesigner is a solution created by Validated ID to make it easier for its clients to sign documents regardless of the distance between them. This is a service that combines cryptography, biometrics and simplicity in its use to make it accessible to the majority of the population.


At the annual Rootstack event, they made the announcement that VDesigner is now allied with DocuWare. “DocuWare is document management and workflow automation software. Organizations around the world use DocuWare to securely capture, route and archive their most important business information,” they explain on the official website of this technology.


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Benefits of VDesigner


In the talk, one of the first that our guests enjoyed at the annual event, they talked about the different benefits that VDesigner customers have and its multiple digital signature functions.


  • Service Model (TSP) – Responsibility
  • Advanced and qualified electronic signatures
  • Compliance: EIDAS Regulation (910/2014) / eSIGN - UETA Acts
  • Guarantee that what you see is what you sign
  • Self-contained evidence
  • Easy Rest API integration


These are the most important benefits for VDesigner customers.


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Types of signatures with VDesigner


Among the types of firms that can enjoy this solution are:


  • Biometrics
  • Remote
  • Centralized and stamper


There are also the complementary functions of VDesigner, such as: E-Delivery, which is responsible for electronic communications, and DOCS, a signature management platform available to the client, ready to adjust to their needs.


In the type of biometric signature, the VDesigner user will have a device where his client can sign the necessary document or documents. By doing it on specialized devices for this, the signature can be detected in more detail: pressure, signing speed, details of the writing, just as is done with a signature on normal paper.


The remote signing option allows Validated ID clients to send a document to be signed, via email and with a one-time key so that it can be validated and have the necessary security measures.


On the other hand, the centralized signing option is similar to the remote one, with the difference that it is designed especially for large companies that need to manage several documents from multiple devices.


validated id


Validated ID was in Panama answering all the questions of the guests at the annual Rootstack 2023 event


Miguel Jijón Hanze, Americas Sales and Business Development Director, was the representative of Validated ID at the event held by Rootstack on September 21 in Panama City, where the most important business leaders in Latin America met.


There, opening the talk session, the guests learned about everything that VDesigner can offer their company, obtaining information about the new functions and other options that are already among the most used to carry out digital document signing processes.


Aside from everything that VDesigner offers to companies, the industries and departments that benefit most from this tool were clarified: health, marketing, administration, sales, human resources, legal, education, insurance, finance and technical support.


Validated ID is one of Rootstack's most important partners, with whom we have worked hand in hand on interesting projects for our international clients to meet their needs for a digital signature solution for documents.


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