The vital role of QA engineers in the success of a software project

October 06, 2023

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In the context of software development, the presence of QA engineers is essential to ensure excellence in the final product. QA engineers play a critical role in evaluating the quality of software at all stages, from design to implementation. Their extensive and detailed testing experience ensures that software meets expected quality, performance, and security standards.


In an environment where competition is fierce and user expectations are increasingly high, QA engineers become crucial guardians of customer satisfaction. Their ability to identify and rectify errors, evaluate usability, and verify compatibility with different platforms and devices directly contributes to the company's reputation and customer retention.


Additionally, by collaborating closely with developers, they help maintain an agile and efficient development cycle, facilitating the timely delivery of high-quality products.

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Role of QA engineers in software development

The role of QA engineers in software development is crucial to ensure the quality, reliability and functionality of the final product. These professionals perform various roles and responsibilities throughout the entire software development lifecycle:


  • Test planning

QA engineers are involved in planning testing strategies. This involves identifying what aspects of the software will be tested, how the tests will be carried out, and what resources will be needed to execute them.


This test planning is important because “they help people outside of QA teams understand exactly how the website or application will be tested,” they explained in a Browser Stack article. It should also detail the scope of the test and a clear guide so that QA engineers know the tasks to execute.


  • Test case design

They create detailed test cases that cover different scenarios and functionalities of the software. These cases are essential to evaluate the behavior of the software in various situations and ensure that it meets the specified requirements.

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  • Testing execution

QA engineers conduct testing based on designed cases, identify bugs and functionality issues, and thoroughly document these findings so developers can fix them.


  • Test automation

In many cases, QA engineers develop automated test scripts to run repetitive tests and check software functionality efficiently, they noted in an Indeed post. This saves time and resources compared to repeated manual testing.


In this case, QA engineers must have skills in writing computer codes and scripts in common computer languages such as Javascript, Python, they noted in a Deloitte paper.


“They must also analytically examine bug reports, prioritize necessary testing, and optimize application functions through automated testing processes”, they added.


  • Collaboration with developers

They work closely with developers to understand the requirements and expected behavior of the software. When errors are found, they provide detailed information that makes it easier for developers to quickly and effectively fix problems.


  • Regression tests

They develop and run regression tests to ensure that new modifications or added features do not negatively affect the existing functionalities of the software.


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  • Usability evaluation

Some QA engineers focus on evaluating the user experience, ensuring that the software is easy to use and that the user interface is intuitive and friendly.


“This type of user research is vital for launching new products or design updates. If you don't, you may be left with a UX design that works for your team members, but not for your target audience”, they emphasized in a Hotjar article.


This evaluation is done by QA engineers to understand how the website or app works and validate that users do not get “lost” or confused during navigation. Likewise, it is verified that they can complete the main actions within the platform, that there are no usability problems or bugs and that the user experience in general is functional and efficient.


  • Performance optimization

In some cases, QA engineers are also responsible for evaluating software performance, identifying potential bottlenecks and proposing improvements to optimize the speed and efficiency of the system.


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What should QA engineers be good at?


Problem Sensitivity: The ability to know when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not imply solving the problem, just recognizing that there is a problem, they explained in an article from West Virginia University.


Deductive reasoning: Refers to the ability to apply general rules to specific problems and produce logical and coherent answers.


Inductive reasoning: Involves combining information to form general rules or conclusions, even when connections between events are not evident at first glance.


Written Comprehension: This is the ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in written form.


Oral comprehension: It is the ability to listen to and understand information and ideas communicated through spoken words and sentences.

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Oral expression: Involves the ability to communicate information and thoughts clearly when speaking, so that others can understand.


Written Expression: It is the ability to convey information and thoughts in writing in a way that others can understand.


QA engineers play an essential role in ensuring that software meets quality and functionality standards before being released to the market. Their meticulous work and structured approach contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and the company's reputation in the field of software development.


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