Vue.js developer: skills that an expert in this framework must have

October 18, 2022

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vue js developer


In the world of programming and web development, there are several frameworks and technologies that are used by developers or software engineers to create the websites or mobile applications that we interact with on a daily basis, one of the most popular is Vue.js.


Vue.js is a progressive framework for creating user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue.js is designed from the ground up to be adopted incrementally. The main library focuses only on the view layer and is easy to select and integrate with other existing libraries or projects. On the other hand, Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated single-page applications when used in combination with modern tools and support libraries.


Vue js developer: skills and knowledge


When it comes time to hire a Vue.js developer or an expert engineer in this framework, several aspects must be taken into account to ensure that the right person is contacted. That is why the knowledge of a Vue.js developer must be extensive and up-to-date.


HTML and CSS management


The most fundamental when it comes to web development is the HTML and CSS languages. With HTML the programmer can structure a website and contains data for the content. CSS sets the style so everything can be seen better.


A Vue.js developer must hone their HTML and CSS skills in order to create successful and functional projects with this framework. You should be familiar with writing semantic HTML tags. To style your app, you can use CSS, Flexbox, or CSS Grid.


vue js developer


Knowledge of JavaScript


For the Vue.js developer, using JavaScript with its modern and current features will allow you to improve the development process and write clean, improved code that is easy to read.




Every VueJS developer should have knowledge of how Git is handled and have a profile on GitHub or GitLab. Git is a distributed version control system, in its shorthand definition. It allows you to keep track of all development needs and you can also manage all changes made to applications, code, websites, and other information associated with the process of building software.


Knowledge of Git enables software developers to better collaborate and cooperate with their co-workers.




On their official website, they explain “Vue CLI is a complete system for rapid Vue.js development, providing:


  • Interactive project scaffolding via @vue/cli.
  • A runtime dependency (@vue/cli-service) that is:
  • upgradeable;
  • Built on top of webpack, with sensible defaults;
  • Configurable via project configuration file;
  • Extensible via plugins
  • A rich collection of official plugins that integrate the best tools in the frontend ecosystem.
  • A complete graphical user interface for creating and managing Vue.js projects.



To be a successful Vue.Js developer well... you need to have knowledge about the Vue programming language, logical right? But it seems that some software developers do not take it into account when working with this framework. If you have an existing app, you can use Vue in only part of its interface. Or you can create a whole app inside of Vue.


When it comes time to hire a Vue.js developer, you need to make sure that person has a near-perfect grasp of these issues and skills so that they can create a successful project that meets the needs of the users.




Main advantages of using Vue.Js developer


Its small size: this may not be a great feature, but the 18 KB that this framework weighs makes it ideal for a quick download and being able to store it on low memory computers, positively impacting your SEO and UX.


Easy to learn and use: VueJS is one of the friendliest frameworks when it comes to being used by beginning developers or people who are enthusiastic about learning the basics of this field. When you start coding you don't need to know JSX and TypeScript, elements that are used in other front-end technologies.


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