Web portal vs Website: differences between these two

October 13, 2022

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An essential requirement for any modern company today is to have a presence on the web, either through a page or with a mobile application. To be on the web, you can do it through a web portal or a website, which, although they seem the same, are quite different from each other.


A web portal is a web-based platform that collects information from various sources into a single access interface. Whether it is to market products, provide services or build an initiative to control internal employee flows, a web portal is an excellent tool to establish long-term relationships with customers or users.


What is a website?


When we talk about a website, we refer to a group of web pages that exist on the internet in a specific location that any user can access without the need to add a password or user to see part of the content. Users accessing this website are able to perform various tasks such as clicking on links, entering emails, and more.


A website can be about a specific industry or service or anything the person who creates it wants. The purpose of most websites is to inform visitors about a specific topic, in addition to providing entertainment content of any kind.


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Differences between a web portal and a website


One of the main differences is that to enter a web portal, the user must register and login every time they want to enter. While any user can enter a website and browse all its pages freely.


In terms of interaction, the users and visitors of a website cannot interact with it, while in a web portal a two-way communication with the user is manifested.


Various companies and organizations can own a website, while a web portal is private and focused on user registration.


Regarding the handling and updating of the information, the website does not need this to be constant unless it is absolutely necessary. A web portal must update information sources frequently.


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Benefits of a web portal


Growth opportunity


Application integration and external services will allow you to expand your business.


Self service


Your customers or users can directly request a quote or place an order through the web portal and get instant feedback.


Business efficiency


Online portals can improve team productivity, save you money, encourage communication, and keep employees up to date.




Having a web portal is an important selling point to offering services and growing your business.


web portal


Benefits of a website


Complete information


A complete site allows you to connect differently with users through blogs, surveys, complete information on services or products, online chats, and advertising.


Profitable investment


A website allows your business to be closer and more accessible to your customer 24 hours a day. Customers can access the websites and obtain more information about prices, claims, contact information and products.


SEO Boost


A high-performing website will have SEO integrations, such as metadata or meta descriptions, in order to be successful in search engines and appear in the first search results.


Brand online


A website is a great online branding tool that can be linked to digital marketing strategies like email blasts, social media posts, and cross-advertising on other websites.


The company or organization must carefully analyze the needs it has and what it wants to offer its clients, and from this decide if what it needs is a web portal or a website. A web portal works for companies that need to display specific and personalized content and whose goal is to improve the customer/customer/employee experience and develop ongoing relationships with their audience.


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