What are the best BPM software?

October 25, 2022

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A BPM solution will allow your company to automate the processes and daily workflows that require more attention, freeing the human team to deal with other more important tasks, thus increasing the company's productivity.


Choosing the correct BPM software for your company, one that adapts to daily processes and yields the necessary results to increase effectiveness and production is vital for any company, so it must be carefully analyzed when choosing.


The best BPM software for your company




Code-free software that establishes a digital workplace. It helps companies to optimize work processes, projects, and even collaborations with partners or clients. Among its most outstanding features are the control panel, which is easy to use, a customizable report template and a form designer.


Subscription plans start at $199 per month, including a wide range of features for users.






A low-code BPM solution so you don't need extensive developer work. It allows you to design, automate, and deploy, making it the right BPM software for companies that need enterprise-scale, production-ready software.


One of the features that differentiate it from other software is the local or cloud hosting options, both of which are open source. It has subscription plans starting from $1,500 per month.




On their official website, they explain “Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that helps you design, develop and run any business software you need”.


It is one of the lowest-cost BPM software, it can vary between 10 and 15 dollars per month per user, making it ideal for startups or small and medium-sized companies.




Nintex makes digital transformation a reality for businesses of any size with a cloud option alongside their traditional on-premises hosting. It was designed to work alongside tools like Office365, Sharepoint, and Project Server.


Among its most outstanding features are the capacity for advanced workflows, forms that follow current trends and process management, as well as being compatible with mobile applications and RPA systems. It costs from $850 per month.




As they explain on their official website "We offer a powerful low-code platform combined with a commitment to partner with you to ensure success and return on investment."


With its three products: Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Automation, they make modern automation solutions available to companies and their customers, as well as offering hosting options in the cloud and on servers.




Benefits of a BPM


Your company may need a BPM solution to be able to automate tasks and increase the productivity of the work team. In addition to this, this software will give the following benefits to the company:


Risk and cost reduction


By leaving daily tasks in the hands of a human team, several errors can occur that are ultimately unavoidable. By applying BPM software, in addition to increasing work productivity, it offers process performance reports that help the continuous improvement of daily workflows. BPM solutions have an intelligent rules engine that helps improve daily practices, thus not only increasing productivity but also reducing corporate risk. In the long run, these improvements reduce costs for companies.


Better income


A BPM solution increases productivity, and speeds up the cycle time of creating a product and this leads to more money for the company, in addition to improving customer service.


Business agility


A company must adapt, and be able to react to changes, this is essential for small companies that are in the process of adaptation. The change can be motivated by competition, by technological advances, or any other factor, the truth is that the company must have the capacity to achieve it, so adopting BPM software gives the company the speed and capacity necessary to process the change successfully. As processes evolve, accurate documentation gives managers the ability to see and predict the effect of changes on the overall business process.


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