What are the best practices when hiring a dedicated software development team?

September 23, 2022

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dedicated software development


A dedicated software development team can bring great benefits to the company that decides to hire them since they focus their time entirely on creating and developing the application, website, or project that meets the needs of the client.


Not sure what a dedicated software development team is? Perhaps this explanation in Altigee magazine will clear it up “A dedicated software development team is a business model in software development that refers to a long-term collaboration between a client (an outsourcing company) and a service provider (a dedicated development team). All dedicated team members work exclusively for you, as do your internal teams.”


Benefits of a dedicated software development team


We already know the functions of a dedicated software development team, so it is only fair to take a look at the benefits that hiring this type of service, which dominates the trends in technology, can bring to your company.


Fill talent gaps


“The most common reason for creating a dedicated development team is a lack of local tech talent. Fortunately, a large number of communication and management tools allow companies to have a level of control over the process similar to that of an internal team”, they detail in an article on the Ncube portal.


Any time you need it, you can hire a dedicated outsourcing team to join your team, without going through the cumbersome stages of recruiting and hiring a permanent resource.


Speed ​​up software development


If you need to develop your software product urgently, you can streamline the process with a dedicated team that is fully focused on your project tasks. One of the positive aspects of this type of work is that there is a wide availability of quality talent and resources, so you will always find an option for your project.


dedicated software development team


A team dedicated to the project


If you already have a technology department or a team of developers in your company to solve the internal problems of the system, they will not have to dedicate hours of their daily work to the new project, neglecting the needs of the collaborators and thus not lowering productivity. The dedicated software development team will focus on the project one hundred percent.


Work hours


By hiring a dedicated software development team you can have workers available 24 hours a day, pending the development of the project and that it is executed within the time limit defined by the client.



dedicated development team


Fits the budget

“The dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: there are monthly payments that depend on the size of the team. The payment is made up of member salaries + service provider fee, which includes administrative overhead,” they detailed in an Eastern Peak article.


dedicated software development team


Practices and tips to follow when hiring a dedicated software development team


Be clear about the requirements


Before hiring the dedicated software development team, the company must be clear about the requirements and details of the project, not make the contact without being clear about what it wants. Always ask yourself:


  • What kind of software do you want to build?
  • How many developers do you need on the team?
  • What technology stack should experts know about?
  • By when do you want the project to be completed?
  • What is your budget?


Do an intensive agency search


To hire a suitable team with the necessary knowledge, the company must do an intense search among the different software agencies that offer this service, and see the satisfaction of their clients and the number of projects they have carried out, this is the main indication. whether they will be able to meet individual needs.


Look for candidates with relevant technical experience


In the Turing portal they explain “Whether you hire a large or small dedicated team of developers, you must ensure that the developer, designer, QA specialist, and project manager have the right skills. A candidate with a lot of experience but limited technical knowledge will not be a good fit for the team.”


Have a confidentiality agreement


Important for any company and any project. Before starting the work, the development team must sign a confidentiality agreement so that they do not divulge details about what has been created. The contract should include the project requirements, budget, completion time, and other necessary details.


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