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May 13, 2022

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The Dedicated Software Development of applications and websites is one of the most practiced specialties today. Millions of people in the whole world are training in universities and technical study places to create the software and web pages of today and tomorrow. 


For those who are just starting out in this vibrant technological world, we will present the five best tools that will help you have faster and more efficient software development, ideal for keeping the client satisfied.


What is Dedicated Software Development?


Dedicated software development refers to a software provider or a team of experts who will be working for a client on a specific project, without the company needing to hire a full-time team of developers.


At Ncube they explain "It refers to a model where a virtual team is intertwined with a client's software project, working from the vendor's office. Typically, the vendor assembles a dedicated development team from scratch and tailors it." to the client's project.


dedicated software development


Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team


When a company hires a dedicated software development team, they will have at their disposal a group of experts in the field, completely focused on carrying out the project for which they were contacted. This will result in an economic benefit for the client since they will not have to pay an engineer or a programming expert.


Other benefits are:


  • The team is focused on the requirements and needs of the project.
  • Working hours can be adjusted to the client's time zone.
  • The client will have the power to interview and choose the members of the team.
  • Detailed reports to see the progress of the project.
  • Rapid growth and updating after the project is finished.


Best tools for dedicated software development


Modern web development teams need at least these five tools to function properly:


Integrated development environment


Writing code has increased in difficulty, so developers need a tool that allows them to edit, syntax highlight, finalize code, manage source code control, compile and then debug, which makes it necessary to have a tool available to the team. development environment.


A popular environment among developers is Visual Studio Core, created and supported by Microsoft and open source. It handles almost any programming language out there and has thousands of useful extensions. The ability to add GitHub Copilot, GitHub's AI-based coding assistant, provides even more motivation.




Since the pandemic began, teleworking, or remote work, has already been part of the lives of millions of people in the world, this is not alien to software developers, so having tools that allow them to communicate in a quickly and effectively with your colleagues' miles away is essential for a smooth flow of your tasks within the project.


Among my favorite communication tools are Slack and Zoom, using these in an integrated way. Slack with its built-in library of plugins allows for a variety of user-friendly features, while Zoom is one of the most powerful and popular videos conferencing tools since early 2020. A close runner-up here is Microsoft Teams, which has the advantage of combining chat and video conference in one application.


dedicated software development team


Control for source version


An essential tool in any application or website development process is Git. This is a distributed version control system, but proper use requires a centralized repository, and GitHub is the undisputed leader in this space. GitHub is one of the favorite choices for developers, due to its features beyond being a code repository. GitHub is by far the leading host for open source projects. Every company should have some kind of presence on GitHub.


Tools to indicate functions


A feature indicator allows the developer to control all the features of the application or website for what they want: by company, by customer level, or by the user, allowing this to implement a beta test or test some "canary" implementation in a part of the customer base. LaunchDarkly, a SaaS platform for feature management, is the leader in this field.




According to the definition on the RedHat page, “CI/CD is a method of frequently delivering applications to customers by introducing automation in the application development stages. The main concepts attributed to CI/CD are continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. CI/CD is a solution to the problems that integrating new code can cause development and operations teams (also known as "integration hell")."


Making a proper CI/CD requires a powerful tool, CircleCI stands out among the developers' favorites as it can connect with a large number of frameworks and systems to help build your application or website quickly.


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