What are common threats in a Workflow Automation Software (BPM)?

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation, Managed Teams

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The first thing to understand is that a BPM is not just software that is installed and executed to solve problems within an organization; people are a fundamental factor in the management of Business Processes. BPM software goes beyond simple task automation to help people make improvements in repetitive processes. Currently there are different BPM solutions and in Rootstack we evaluate some BPM software such as: ProcessMaker, BonitaSoft, Alfresco Activiti, among others and we can mention some points that they have in common: - Activities supervision panel - Process designer - Form Designer - Definition of Templates - Definition of flow policies User management - Uploading files Defining roles and user permissions - Reports - The creation of workflow and simple tasks improves productivity and includes review and approval workflows. Rules and actions facilitate complex document processing without development overload. The common thing that BPM software has is focused not only on the creation and visualization of activities, but it is also possible to perform some kind of more complex analysis. We can mention the management of the entire life cycle of a process and the validation of the interaction between activities, including temporary and resource restrictions, automatic prioritization of activities, or detection of possible conflicts in order to have effective processes within organizations .