What is AWS and what are its services?

October 10, 2022

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Companies, whatever their size, need a good host in the cloud where they can host their applications, and this is exactly what Amazon offers them with its Amazon Web Services.


“Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offering more than 200 comprehensive data center services worldwide. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, the largest companies, and major government agencies, use AWS to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster cloud" explains on AWS website.


Services offered by AWS


Amazon Web Services has a long and varied list of cloud computing services available to its millions of customers worldwide. We are going to review the most important ones and how they can be used:


  • Computing service
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Networking and content delivery
  • Security tools
  • Development tools
  • Management tools


Computing service


This is a type of service that helps developers build, deploy, and scale an application within the cloud platform. Amazon offers these solutions for this type of service: AWS C2, a web service that allows developers to rent virtual machines and thus be able to automatically scale computing capacity when needed, and AWS Lambda which helps to run programs without the hassle of server management.






AWS offers web data storage service, whose main advantage is the highly durable disaster recovery of data.


Suitable services for this are Amazon S3, cloud-based hosting used for online data hardening and designed to make scaling easier, and Amazon EBS, a highly available storage volume for persistent data. It is mainly used by Amazon EC2.




In this line, you can find the services of DynamoDB, a flexible NoSQL database that offers reliable performance and no problems for scalability. Also available is RDS, a distributed database cloud service that makes it easy to operate and scale.


Networking and content delivery


For this particular service, AWS offers VPC and Route 53, the former works perfectly for deploying AWS resources within a virtual private cloud, while the latter has DNS that helps users route software by translating text to an address. IP.


Security tools


Maintaining a monitored and controlled environment is essential for AWS users, knowing that their data and that of their customers will be protected. To achieve this peace of mind and confidence, there are the IAM and KMS services.


IAM, or Identity Access Management, is a framework that helps keep access to AWS secure. KMS, for its part, allows developers to handle and manage the encryption keys that are used to encrypt and protect data.




Development tools


Ideal for creating, building and running the source code of an application. AWS has CodeStar and Code Build services available to developers.


Code Build helps developers build and test continuously scalable code without the hassle of physical servers, while CodeStar is purpose-built for all-in-one application development.


Management tools


Cloud Watch and Cloud Formation are AWS proposals for administrative management. Cloud Watch works to monitor AWS resources and customer applications running on the platform.


Cloud Training helps monitor resources in one place and thus manage as little time as possible on this task and be able to focus on application development.


Notably, Amazon Web Services offers more than 200 comprehensive services available to developers and customers looking for fast, effective, and secure cloud development and hosting.


Allows you to select the programming language, database, operating system, web application platform, and other necessary services.


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