What does a Project Manager do?

July 08, 2022

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project manager


The Coursera portal offers a good definition of what a project manager is, “it is a professional who organizes, plans, and executes projects while working within restrictions such as budgets and schedules. Project managers are in charge of leading teams, defining goals, communicating with stakeholders, and bringing a project to closure. Whether executing a marketing campaign, constructing a building, developing a computer system, or launching a new product, the project manager is responsible for the success or failure of the project.


The project manager role is in demand in almost every industry. Let's take a closer look at what project managers do, why you should consider a career in project management, and how you can get started.


Skills a Project Manager must have


For a person to aspire to the position of project manager, they must have certain skills that allow them to be at the head of a team, be able to successfully manage projects, and monitor all activities. You must present these skills:


  • Leadership: You will be tasked with leading a team to achieve a goal.
  • Communication: You are often the first line of communication for team members, vendors, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Organization: The ability to prioritize and multitask will keep projects running smoothly.
  • Critical Thinking: Critically analyzing and evaluating a situation helps prevent problems before they happen.
  • Sense of humor: Approaching a project with a positive attitude can relieve stress and energize your team.


What does a Project Manager do?


Among his various responsibilities and roles in the company, the following stand out:


  • They must define the scope of the project and that it remains within the established times
  • Plan your budget and stick to it
  • Know how to manage project resources, this includes team and collaborators
  • Document the entire process to offer a detailed final report to the CEO
  • Communicate effectively with customers and keep them updated throughout the process
  • Evaluate the risks and problems that may arise and be able to solve them in time
  • Give a leading quality guarantee


“Project management can be a challenging career, but you will never face those challenges alone. Often, you'll be working alongside team members and using software or online tools specifically designed to streamline the process. Specific project management software depends on the project or company, but will often include the ability to track time and budgets, create plans and reports, manage invoices, and share calendars across multiple teams.


project manager


The presence of Project managers in companies worldwide


Having a person who can be at the head of a team, supervising that the project times are fully met, is vital for any type of company, regardless of its size, which is why the figure of the Project manager It has become the most sought after by job recruiters and pages for the same purpose, such as Linkedin.


By 2027, employers will need 87.7 million people working in project management-oriented roles. To help manage this growing need, 71 percent of global organizations now have a project management office, an increase of nearly 15 percent since 2007. Clearly, the job outlook for professionals with project management skills is becoming more positive.


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