What's the best way to find a reliable app developer?

September 13, 2022

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Mobile applications are increasingly a fundamental part of everyday life. From the tasks and tasks of work to the food we order for dinner, everything is done through an application. As a company, you must have a reliable and functional app for your users, for which you must have an expert app developer who gives you the confidence that they are doing a good job.


As its name says, a mobile application developer is a person, usually a software engineer, who is responsible for the design, creation, and subsequent maintenance of a mobile application, following the guidelines and recommendations of the client, and adjusting to the needs of end users.


Duties of a mobile app developer


When hiring a mobile app developer, you should first check if they can fulfill the following key functions, as detailed by Indeed:


  • Review a customer's requirements and find a potential solution
  • Development of application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow two applications to communicate and support mobile functionality
  • Ensuring the link between the front-end and the back-end of an application
  • Estimate the total cost and time to complete a client's project
  • Test and fix bugs found in an app
  • Improve and promote the development of existing applications


Knowing this, it is time to hire the best talent, but how to achieve it?


mobile app developer


Ways to find and hire a mobile app developer


Finding or searching for a mobile app developer can be challenging for a business that is just starting out and wants to have an app that will satisfy its users. The first thing is to ask yourself if you want to hire a developer or look for an outsourced service.


Staff Augmentation is a service offered by several international software agencies, such as Rootstack, who make an expert or teams of experts available to companies to carry out their technological project, in this case, the development of a mobile application, saving thus expenses and streamlining processes.


With this knowledge at hand, it is important to do a preliminary investigation of what the role of a mobile application developer is, to have all the information at hand when evaluating whether a person has the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill the project requirements.


The company must also focus on two key aspects, as explained in Hubspot:


Focus on communication


The first meetings with the developer or with the team and explaining the key needs of the application are extremely important in order to start as soon as possible and that the creation of the mobile application does not take forever.


Company's needs


At Hubspot, they say “When meeting with app developers, make sure you are clear about the concept of the app and its target market. The clearer your business needs and goals are, the easier it will be to build an app.”


Where can you find a mobile app developer?


In addition to the aforementioned software agencies, the interested company you can search for is also:


Freelance pages


There are portals specialized in listing freelance developers willing to work on a specific project for a company. Pages like Toptal or Hired are among the best for finding experts that adapt to the needs of your project.


Technical Blogs


The best way to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic may be by writing specialized articles on it. The company's recruiting office can review the technical blogs and pages that contain blogs of this type and investigate the author, thus verifying that it adapts to the needs of the project.




Hubspot explains “Sometimes it's easy to forget that universities have a lot of the best talent. Please contact the professors in the computer science department to see if they know of any development students.”


mobile app developer


Another question that the company should ask is: When to hire a mobile application developer?


The first contact should be made once all the necessary guidelines for the application or project are in place, so you can maintain clear communication with the person you contact, have the estimated budget, and start working immediately.


The team in charge of devising the application for the company must be clear about the design, what it wants to offer the user and the functions and tools that it wants to make available in the application so that the developer can work on what must be done and not be sidetracked. your attention on other tasks that do not concern you.


Rootstack has a team of ideal mobile developers to start that project that your company needs to finish promoting the company in the technology market, in addition to having close contact with customers and users.


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