When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

November 10, 2022

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation

equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Fear of the unknown stops us from doing many things. We are distrustful, and until we are sure of what it implies, we dare not attempt it. This also happens in the technology industry when hiring software providers. For example, dedicated development teams are among the most efficient but, being external and remote, many companies still have their doubts.


Table of Contents

  • We explain what a dedicated development team is
  • When is it necessary to hire a dedicated development team?
  • Types of Dedicated Development Teams You Can Hire
  • What to do before hiring a dedicated development team?


We explain what a dedicated development team is


To get you out of doubt and clarify the picture, we will start by explaining what a dedicated development team is. As its name indicates, it is a software development team that is hired to work exclusively on your project. All of their time will be dedicated to building your platform or software product.


It is a perfect solution if you are behind in your software development or if you want the development to go much faster than it is currently going.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Among the profiles that can integrate your dedicated development team are frontend and backend engineers, UX/UI designers, DevOps, QA engineers, product managers and project managers.


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When is it necessary to hire a dedicated development team?


Launch of a new product


It is one of the ideal contexts to hire a dedicated development team, as this team will inject speed into development. The product will be ready faster and the company will be able to receive feedback from end users as soon as possible.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


If you have a limited budget


In many cases, the internal teams of the companies are insufficient and, at the same time, the companies do not have enough budget to hire more permanent staff. The outsourcing model of dedicated development teams is very useful, since you will pay for an external, temporary and remote team, only for the hours worked or the work done. You will not have to invest in training, office or equipment.




You need expertise in some new technology


The technology industry is advancing by leaps and bounds and it is quite a challenge to keep up with the updates. One of the advantages of dedicated development teams is that they are always up to date with the latest technologies. Hiring a team of these is always a good option when you need specific skills in your project or when you want to work on a new technology that your internal team does not handle.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Types of Dedicated Development Teams You Can Hire


There are various models of dedicated development teams that you can hire according to the needs of your project:


Team extension: This is about extending your internal team by outsourcing 1-3 people to provide the skills that are missing in your team.
Managed team: consists of forming a self-managed team with the profiles that your project needs, managed by a project manager. It will work for your company completely.
Project-based outsourcing: the dedicated development team handles the entire project from start to finish.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


What to do before hiring a dedicated development team?


  • Understand the software development process.
  • Define the profiles you need in your project.
  • Sign an NDA.
  • Create a clear and transparent contract with the software provider.


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